This really makes me sick to my stomach!!!  Horrible!!!
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High Fashion in the Mosque

That's OK, just don't burn or deface the Koran!!
Every day Shirts like this are mass produced, marketed and sold by street vendors through out the Middle East and it's simply OK.
The mass-murder of 9-11 is a celebrated event by millions of people.
Funny how racism and offending other races only applies to whites !!!
Pass it on… and if you have any friends of the Muslim faith… pass it to them as well. Unacceptable!


ferschitz said...

"Hypocrisy alive and well."

Why yes: in this very RWF. That is true.

Looks like a bad photoshop to me... if it quacks like a duck, etc.

But let's just say this shirt is made & worn by the dusky hued dirty Moozlinz. So?
1. Are they not entitled to freedom of speech & expression? Or is that concept just too outdated and an anethema to these tribalistic authoritarian fascists? Do I "like" such a shirt? No. But I also don't "like" Wayne LaPierre lying & bloviating & fapping about guns, but I grant La Pierre the "right" to spout his scurrilous b.s. Ditto for KKK rallies & marches.

2. Let's wring our hands over whyohwhy Achmed here would "proudly" wear such a shirt whilst not giving one iota of a shit that Team USA Fuck YEAH!! has bombed & droned & shot & killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in such diverse countries as: Iraq (which we NOW - and always - have conclusive proof that there were NO WMD and had nada to do with 9/11), Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Yemen, Libya, Syria, etc.

3. Is it "inconsiderate" or "amoral" or "gauche" of Achmed to wear such a shirt? Let's all just dance on a head of a pin, whilst the "Christianists" in Team USA Fuck Yeah! clap and cheer at torture of citizens in other countries just because Rush Limbaugh told them it was "good."

Booyah. What a buncha of hypocrits rightwing dittoheads are to be so easily misled by bullshit propoganda like this.

Hooray4US said...

Well well. What have we here? Rightwing hypocritical propoganda, and why I never! It just "happens" to coincide with the 10th Anniversary of the ever-so-"necessary" War on Iraq.

Why what a coincidence! Look over there!!! Muslims who hate us for our freedumbs!

Aren't all the WAR, Inc something like: $10billion & counting, and something like 4million dead??

Go get bent outta shape over that dirty Muslim whilst we pick your pockets, TeaTards.

gruaud said...

Money quote:

"Funny how racism and offending other races only applies to whites !!!"

Ok, so who said that? Many whites are racist assholes, it's true. But no one on my side of the aisle is condoning racism or offensiveness from anyone else, either.

And the reason that's the money quote is because you think that picture justifies your own racism. The link is to well-known Islamophobe Pam Geller. And the comments there are very typical of the point that I am making.

Anoner said...

Conservatives look out for pictures/events like this to justify their racism.

If conservatives think being bigoted racists is "good" and "just" and "ok" and/or should be "acceptable," then why do they need an excuse, like this photo, to justify who they really are?

Snarla said...

Middle East? What is the evidence that the picture was taken in the middle east? Based on what I can see, my best guess would be the subcontinent of India or maybe Indonesia.

gruaud said...

My guess is Pakistan.

Sosew said...

I would guess Pakistan, too, but most rightwingers wouldn't know the difference between the ME & India or Pakistan or Indonesia, etc.

Muslims = Middle East and/or Arabs = BAD, very very BAD, plus terrorists.

Simple concepts for simple, uh, "minds."

sabina moon said...
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