Fw: [Bulk] GRRREAT new sign

Subject: Fw: [Bulk] GRRREAT new sign

NO explanation needed.  Can I get an AMEN OUT THERE? 


Sign in front of VFW Medina, NY!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You can lead a Birther to water, but...

Anonymous said...

... sadly, most of them can swim.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Just wait til they want Ted Cruz to run for pres, then suddenly being born anywhere in the world to an American mother will be just fine for presidential candidates.

Marc with a C said...

Remember that John McCain was 1) born in the Panama Canal Zone, and 2) they couldn't even FIND his birth certificate.

Now, given those facts, try to claim the obsession with Obama's neonatal history is anything but racism in action.

gruaud said...

I wonder what the Birthers will say if the new pope is black?

Taking bets.

ferschitz said...

To gruaud: almost NO way the new Pope would be dusky-hued. The Nazi Ratzi apparently elevated a ton of old Northern European white guys to whatever "exalted" posts these pederasts occupy in the RC hierarchy. Duly noted that they chose someone from the Southern Hemisphere, but that's about the only concession to the fact that most of the RC flock is dusky-hued and lives "south o the border." The new dude is yet another old white guy with European antecedents.

Hey, these bitches need to wake up to the fact they're being royally screwed every which way by the Kochs, who are John Birchers all the way.

I could give a shit about Obama's antecedents, but these bigoted racists can't let go of that bone.

Wake up, fools. Obama's done nothing but yabber about how he is ITCHING to cut 'n gut Soc Sec & Medicare. There's almost a daily pronouncement about that coming down from on high.

Why aren't these TeaTardz protesting THAT??????

Hope y'all commenting here are also aware of what the Pres wants to do to YOUR Soc Sec & Medicare, which have nothing to do with the "debt," btw. And neither is in "bad shape." It's just another way to beat us down & rip off our hard earned money.

What a waste of time these idiots are. So gullible. So easily led around by their dumbfeck noses bc of their racist bigotry.

ferschitz said...

To Marc: but, but, but... Walnuts McGrumpypants is WHITE!!!!! And as cranky and racist as these tools!!!!

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