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 Subject: Makes me sick
>>> Baseball, hot-dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet???
>>> They basically took the bailout money from American and Canadian taxpayers and invested it in Chinese auto-plants...
>>> This will make you sick

>>> Why haven't we heard this on the nightly news????

>>> At least Ford is still expanding it's operations in America.



Anonymous said...

Why haven't we heard it on the nightly news? What possible reason could there be?!

Aside from it being fake, of course.

(But aren't we supposed to always let businesses do what makes them the most money?)

ferschitz said...

Gee. I thought it was one of the Ten Commandments that BigBidness & the 1% had the bounden right, nay DUTY, to off-shore US jawbs to third world countries.

Free Market!
Ayn Rand-fapping!
I'm a Libertarian!
No regulations!
Get offa my lawn!


gruaud said...

Oh wait, now multi-national corporations don't necessarily have the best interests of the United States at heart?

Well, gee whiz.

Foolish, foolish people. You will never understand that your billionaire masters and their wealthy minions who lie to you daily are your real enemies and that liberals (and unions) are fighting FOR your dumb asses.

Well, some of you might, but it is extremely rare for an authoritarian lackey to see the light. Which is why we always have to point out the truth and mock and deride you.

Ok, the mockery is just a perk.

Mr_Creosote said...

Riiiiight teatards. You stupid ass troglodytes:

You speak as though the republican party's main platform is Jesus, guns, family values and shit with a healthy smattering of pulling one's self up by their bootstraps. Studiously ignoring ( or too goddamned stupid to pay attention ) to know that not only was/is/always will be that "globalism" and outsourcing, labor arbitrage is not only a cornerstone of the republican party's platform; it's the damned foundation, the first, second and third floor of the whole shebang.

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