Fwd: Typical liberal hypocrisy

Fwd: Typical liberal hypocrisy....


Anonymous said...

Those mean cartoon kids.

This still raises the question if the lady is getting her meals on wheels, why is she asking the kid to pick up food for her?

Anonymous said...

Rightwing dad sure loves his pretend liberals.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So the kid is a Trump voter? And is happy or oblivious if his mom doesn't get fed? Figures.

Anonymous said...

"Meals on Wheels America, an organization that represents 5,000 home-meal delivery organizations around the country, says that in the aggregate, these groups get about 35 percent of their funding from the federal government. "

Yup, just a small percentage. Sure thing.

delagar said...

"Just a small percentage" -- this was the narrative *all* the Trump voters were pushing, all over the net. Also that this percentage could *easily* be made up by "private charities," such as churches.

When I pushed back with the hard data -- how much was being cut, how much that meant every American would have to donate, on top of what we were already donating -- yeah, I got radio silence.

Also, this cartoon is BS, of course. Mom's kid is working two jobs at minimum wage, has a couple of kids himself he can barely feed as it is, and healhcare bills he can't pay (he's been dodging bill collectors for months). He'd love to bring meals to Mom. She wishes he could, too. She'd love to see him more.

CharlieE said...

I love the rationale that the Republicans offered for cutting the program - "It wasn't working."

Were the meals not getting delivered?

Anonymous said...

Doubt it. Son looks more like a pothead liberal loser who wastes his money on ear piercings, immature t-shirts, and most likely tattoos under those tshirts.

Son is hungry; gonna go doen to the local hippie pub for wings and beer.

Fuck Mom!

*Son still lives in Mom's basement.

delagar said...

Anonymous is your typical RWD -- can't tell a cartoon from reality. (Hey, Anonymous, you do know that cartoon was DRAWN to fit your GOP stereotype of what a "liberal loser" looks like?)

Anonymous said...

Wings and beer sounds pretty fucking good, actually.

But, if liberals like them, that makes them bad, right?

C'mon, RWD, you have to do the exact opposite of liberals, because that's what your betters tell you.

CharlieE said...

re: Anonymous above

I'm still waiting for one of those liberal-hating Republicans to explain what's so great about a polluted environment, low wages, poor healthcare, or pothole-filled roads.

ferschitz said...

The son is wearing a red t-shirt - gasp! Commie!!1! - plus 1 earring set and a pony tail. No obvious signs of other piercings or tattos. Yet, somehow this makes him a "liberal."


Could just as easily be a Trump voter. In a random sample at my gym, there's just as many Trump voters with piercings and tattos as others who are either Democrats or Independents.

Per usual, RWD is eager to believe that removing Fed funding from Meals on Wheels, a very valuable program for his age cohort, will not make any difference. Rather, let's get upset about ungrateful kids and grandkids, instead.

Great distraction for you RWD, per usual. Blame someone who has nothing to do with how you're being perpetually ripped off by the 1%, but just as long as you can victimize yourself to Libruls or terrible twenty year olds, it's all good, right?

And, as usual, nothing is resolved or fixed.

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