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Anonymous said...

Trump literally rose to prominence as a birther, and yet the cartoonist (correctly) implies that birthers are crazy conspiracy loons. So doesn't that make Trump also a crazy loon? Great logic.

As for the last one, the classic lies never die. The "ban on overseas abortions" isn't back, because it never went away, because tax dollars could never be used for it. The only difference now any organization that even thinks about talking about it as an option no longer gets any funding. This will cause a drop in family planning services, which has been proven to show and INCREASE in overall abortions. Again, great logic wingnuts.

CharlieE said...

All pretty amusing, given that he's turned out to be more incompetent, more corrupt and more ignorant than anyone could have imagined.

Not that anyone in a position to do anything about it actually cares. He's not the black guy, and that's good enough.

Best of luck to you if you come down with cancer. This administration thinks it's OK for insurance companies to refuse to do business with you once again.

Sure, that's cruel, but millionaires needed a tax cut, so there it is.


Anonymous said...

"Cool...I only voted for him because he was deplorable."

Kinda perfectly sums it up.

delagar said...

My favorite is the one that has Trump putting the wealthy elite up against the wall. HA HA HA HA.

RWD sure is a special kind of stupid.

ferschitz said...

Sadly these losers'll never get when the Republicans trash all the regulations that make our lives better, like clean air, clean water and so forth. They've drunk the Kool Aid that says: Regulations = eeeeevil.

So wholesale do away with them because Trump says so!!11!! That'll show the Libtards.

Yeah, right. Like it's not going to have any negative impact on you and your family. It'll only be bad for Libtards, and that's cool!!1!

Agree: a special kind of stupid.

Hooray4US said...

All hail to the fetus, who's "life" must be protected at all costs, no matter what issues face the mother, who could possibly die, herself, bringing the child to term.

In the USA, of course, the mother won't get any "health care" insurance coverage for carrying the child to term. Married or single, rich or poor, that slut better be prepared to pay $17 large to carry that fabulous fetus to term.

However, once your child passes through the birth canal, then fahgeddaboud any help with it, especially if it's born with - shriek! gasp! - pre-existing conditions. Clearly the baby must've been a low-life loser in utero, so certainly deserves no health insurance to help it along in life. Yer on yer own, kid. Get a jawb and quit your crying, baby.

How there are female Republican voters is simply beyond my imagining.

Mr_Creosote said...

Can't get over the hypocrisy of the christian fundie fuckwits with their concern for life vis-a-vis abortion. As stated above, their concern with "life" ends with birth. In turn, their concern for "life" is counterfeit: it's all about adhering to biblical strictures and forcing it upon society even though they are a distinct minority. ( albeit a loud one )

CharlieE said...

I liked the one where he's shredding Obama's executive orders. The cartoon lacked a second frame, however, that would have shown Obama's executive orders being replaced with a pile of new ones three times the size.

Obama issued fewer executive orders than any President since Grover Cleveland. He started issuing more of them only after it became clear that Congress wouldn't pass any of his legislation.

Trump is in that position now, and he's only been in office for three months.

That pile's gonna get HUGE.

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

M. Ray was very happy to say Fuck You to republicans.

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