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Thoughts of the Day


CharlieE said...

The first photo, about Muslims and rights, suggests that RWD would like to abandon the Constitution altogether.

On another thought, what, exactly, are we free from in this post-January 2017 world?

Anonymous said...

Did you know this about Donald Trump:

He once cut off medical insurance for his sick infant nephew in order to spite his brother.

How's that for an action that speaks louder than words?

I googled this "Barbara Res" mentioned here. The results are... not very flattering to Donald Trump.


As for Wiki Leaks never being "wrong": and? They aren't a normal news organization. They take other people's info and leak it all over. What could they have to retract? That doesn't make them automatically "right" or good or honorable.

ferschitz said...

Here's a list of some of the businesses that were contracted by Donald Trump, and then he didn't pay them what they were owed:


Some small business owners had to declare bankruptcy and go out of business altogether because of Trump.

I don't know why the heck taxpayers are on the hook for all the National Security Agencies when Donald Trump is just going to spill all the secrets and security information to anyone he happens to want to impress, like the Russians. But hey! Let us never forget that Trump is going to make us "safer" from all those dreaded terrorisss that are simply streaming in droves across our borders.

And finally, what made us "free" on January 20, 2017? Why Trump's fervent fans were "freed" from having a N****r in THEIR WHITE House. And that's just so important to them, that they'd prefer to lose their health insurance, Medicare and Social Security in order to have rapacious ConMan White male Billionaire in "their" WHITE House.

Mr_Creosote said...

Blatantly obvious photoshop job on the first ( top ) photo. It may as well have said: "I'm in favor of everything that makes good people..."real Americans" with good wholesome "family value" upset"

What a neatly packaged bogeyman, made to order. I tell ya', for all their tough talking swagger, they sure are a fearful lot.

Anonymous said...

Muslims who live in Israel are afforded more rights than Muslims living in predominantly Muslim countries.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the vision of the founding fathers and the beauty of America? Unlike other countries we (supposedly) don't marginalize people's rights because of their religion? Not an eye for eye "They started it!" mentality.

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