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The argument against President Donald Trump`s EXECUTIVE ORDER to temporarily place a ban against travelers coming from 7 MUSLIM countries, over looks the possibility of terrorists  among the travelers.....
Here is a bit of reality


delagar said...

I see that, as usual, RWD knows nothing about how we actually screen and accept refugees into this country.

I guess I could have just stopped with "RWD knows nothing."

Anonymous said...

They're still flogging that dumbass M&M meme?

ferschitz said...




Just for a reality check.

"Terrorism dominates headlines and budget lines while a more lethal scourge persists at home.

"Mass shootings — as measured by four or more people shot, regardless of total fatalities — have taken place in nearly 100 metro areas over the past 12 months (in 2015).

"At a rate of more than twice a day, someone under 18 has been shot and killed.

"In 2015, on average, a toddler in America shoots someone about once per week."

Yeah, No, RWD. I have more likelihood of being shot by a USA toddler than some random ooga booga scary scary Muzlinz refugee.

I travel overseas quite a bit and constantly have people asking me if I'm not "afraid of violence." I just have to laugh and say: are you kidding??? I'm much more likely to be killed by random gun violence here in the USA.

RWD: cleverly propagandized over and over and over and over by the 1% in order to continue ripping him - and the rest of us - off.

CharlieE said...

You're far more likely to be killed in America by someone who calls himself a Christian than by someone who calls himself a Muslim.

And yes, the threat of toddlers is real. For some reason, they really like to shoot people.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rightwing Dad, you want something to really be worried about?

The Republican Health Care bill, AHCA.

That will kill you quicker than any terrorist hiding under your bed.

Hooray4US said...

Anonymous beat me to it. Indeed, there is cause for concern about the likelihood of being gunned down by white Christian USA citizens, but the bigger likelihood of death within the USA is by the TrumpDon'tCare legislation, AHCA. It is predicted that millions of US citizens will be adversely affected by this POS legislation, up to and including death from the inability to pay for adequate health care.

That's why the 1% pushes this scary Muslim refugees sh*t down RWD's throat. To distract him from how THEY are massively ripping him off (tax cuts for billionaires off the backs of RWD and his family) and laughing while RWD and his family die a horrible death due to lack of adequate health care.

You're such a useful tool, RWD. Too bad your braindead idiocy has a negative impact on me and mine.

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

Bollocks! Bollocks, I say!

Anonymous said...

I've seen this one before, a conglomeration of other RWD hit-pieces.

The first image with the kids and the AK-47s though, I've seen before. It was from Israeli propaganda. But it reminds me of a great scene in the post Vietnam movie, "Gardens of Stone".

Specialist Willow: Trouble? Sarge! We beat England when we were the guerrillas, and we beat Hitler. We beat everybody in between. We're not gonna lose to a bunch of little Asian farmers.

Sergeant First Class Hazard: Yeah? You take a look at that farmer. He can march 100-miles on no food, through a jungle....slaughter his own people, even babies. That's a soldier.

Specialist Willow: Firepower! He can't soak up our firepower. I saw a photo, one of our choppers coming back with arrows in it! How do you beat a helicopter with bows and arrows?

Sergeant First Class Hazard: How you gonna’ beat an enemy that fights with arrows?

How are you going to fight an enemy that is willing - no eager! - to arm its children and send them out to die?

If we can't understand that, or even ask the question why, there is no hope.

(See also the documentary, "The Fog of War.")


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