Two million pageviews!

My Right Wing Dad just keeps FWDing along. Thanks to all the contributors and commentators who have made this fun possible.

This is the blog total as of about 13:53 on Friday, May 27. 

Here's a look at the site stats since May 2010. You might think that MRWD would have more visitors during election years or that there would be some sort of correlation between events and pageviews, but that does not appear to be the case. 

This I find a little odd. How did "Back Door Gun Control" so overwhelmingly overtake "Obama Death List" as the most-viewed page on MRWD? I thought the deathlist was much juicier and would never fall out of the top spot. 

I rec'd an email from a regular reader who didn't like that crazed right-winger guy who was chiming in with nonsense from time to time. He asked if I could ban him or block him. Well, I can't, and I don't want to. I think he demonstrated just as much of  the banality and ridiculousness of RW thought as these FWDs do. 

I'm still looking for some help. If anyone wants to join the MRWD team, please let me know. It's fun! We do offer up these FWDs as museum pieces, not something we present as good, bad, true, etc. No matter my reaction to these things, I rarely comment, and would expect anyone who comes aboard to administer to do the same. 

Thanks again, and please keep 'em coming to,

Curator, MRWD


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and thanks for keeping the archives!

gruaud said...

Thank you, Dave.

Anonymous said...

You do a great job. I wish I could contribute more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave. Interesting stats. Unsurprised about the gun control item getting way more hits. I'd lay odds that the guns & ammo industry have bots or spiders or whatever they are deployed constantly to look for anything about gun control.

I agree about not banning the troll. Perfect example. Free speech yadda yadda. Thanks for doing this. The hits indicate interest, access & maybe sometimes even a chance to educate. Carry on.

Agent86 said...

Thanks Dave and congrats on the milestone.

I echo the sentiment of not banning trolls because as soon as you do it just proves their point about tolerance. First Amendment doesn't apply because..well...MRWD is not the government. He just proves the point about the insanity and delusion of the RWDs out there.


ferschitz said...

Way to go, Dave. Thanks to all who contribute. I find this an interesting site, and it's good to know that there are others viewing it. Debunking rightwing talking points, usually with factual links, is worthwhile. Keep up the good work, everyone.

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