Fw: We Had Better Change!

date:19 May 2016 at 19:11
subject:Fw: We Had Better Change!


Anonymous said...

2016: Wingnuts are so scared of trans women using the restroom that they freak out and pass discriminatory laws to "protect" themselves.

2016: Wingnuts are so scared shitless of the microscopic threat of terrorism that they propose banning all Muslims from the US.

2016: Wingnuts are so upset by "political correctness" and afraid of demographic change that they nominate the biggest joke in US election history because he makes them feel safe and lets them embrace their racism.

Man, wingnuts could sure use some lessons about courage from the D-Day soldiers.

ferschitz said...

1944: US citizens who were too old to serve in the Military sacrificed for the War effort, embraced and assisted refugees from overseas fleeing oppression and genocide, and bravely did whatever they could to ensure that the USA was strong and a beacon of real hope for others around the world.

2016: Conservatives demand that all Latino/a-descent people in the USA, whether born here, legal or not, get kicked out, want to kick out and ban all Muslims from the USA, no matter what might happen to them should they be shipped back to their homeland, are yellow-bellied, pants-shitting weanie scaredy-cats about every f*cking thing, including the possibility of someone not their gender piddling and pooping somewhere near them in a public rest room.

I agree, conservatives: YOU had better change.

Anonymous said...

'...because words hurt their feelings'

What's the word you reactionaries call blacks behind their backs?

Call gays?

Call feminists?

Call LGBT's?

Fuck you, assholes.

Anonymous said...

You Liberal Weenies ever heard of 9-11?

Nuff said.

Must not have had anybody in your immediate family killed
by those SAVAGES on that fateful day! :-(

Fuck off, all you assholes.

Anonymous said...

You argue like a little child, Mike.

Hooray4US said...

It's 2016, and we still have 18 year olds (and older) going into battle in various parts of the world. As usual, RWD paints with a broad brush, disses an entire generation based on bullshit lies promulgated by rightwing think tanks and bellowed out by Fox, Rush, etc.

It's the GOP who has voted in the past several times not to raise the wages of our active duty enlisted personnel. It's the GOP who fights to increase funding for the VA when our military personnel return from these numerous and various foreign wars (ongoing today) battered, bruised and beaten up mentally and physically.

I find this one particularly offensive for cuddling up to RWD and making out that the present generations aren't as tough as those preceding them, nor that they are deserving of dignity and respect. Typical to pit one generation against another in order to district idiot dullard RWD against his own grandchildren. Way to go.

Frankly, RWD ALSO wasn't at Normandy Beach, probably didn't serve at any time or see active fighting. RWDs all want to increase the Military and invade lots of foreign countries, but you all want to sit in your comfie chair and diss those who fight. So fuck you, RWD and all of your idiotic enablers and fellow travelers.

gruaud said...

Did I read that right?

The troll is using the appeal to pity fallacy? Pathetic.

CharlieE said...

You Liberal Weenies ever heard of 9-11?

Yeah. It was the day we were attacked by people from the UAE and Saudi Arabia...and we responded by attacking Iraq, leading to the deaths of a half a million Iraqis.

Feel better now?

Anonymous said...

Pity fallacy, false equivalency, ad hominem, correlation/causation fallacy, plagiarism...the list goes on. What else does the troll have besides the above? Oh.forgot shit for brains and RW talking points.

Hugh G. Rection

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