Fwd: America's First Sharia Judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2016 4:07 PM
Subject: New Judge

America's First Sharia Judge!

 The first Muslim woman judge - Carolyn Walker - was sworn in as judge of the 7th Municipal District, Brooklyn, choosing to swear her oath of office holding the HOLY QURAN at the Brooklyn Boro Hall on December 10, 2015.  It was a historic day!  Oddly enough, there was almost no media coverage of this event .
  Since the Quran forbids all law but Sharia Law , isn't it reasonable to assume that Her Honor will head the first federally sanctioned SHARIA COURT. 
Makes one proud, doesn't it? 
Another little chink in the armor?  A small, quiet erosion here and there.  No one cares, until it's too late.  Step by step by step....this is how American culture will end.
Rejoice Obama supporters!  Your dream of changing America forever is coming true.

For those of you who have doubts, go to:    http://www.snopes.com/muslim-woman-sworn-new-york-city-civil-judge/ 


Anonymous said...

OMG! This is incredible news! RWD apparently does know that Snopes exists!

Agent86 said...

Conservatives who tout to love the Constitution really don't have a fucking clue what it actually says. With the one exception of the Second Amendment...that they know by heart.


CharlieE said...


No, they only know part of the Second Amendment by heart. They forget the part about a "well-regulated militia."

gruaud said...

Imagine if she swore on a copy of 'On The Origin Of Species'.

ferschitz said...

De Judge be stylin! Where can I buy that?

Order in the courtroom cuz Here come da Judge!

Randall said...

"Step by step by step....this is how American culture will end."

What American culture is the one the author is referring too? Is it the one where America is a melting pot of people from different backgrounds, races, and religious affiliations? Since that cultural metaphor came around in the 1780's it seems like it is has been around longer than RWD.

In addition if you actually read the Snopes article it states: "It [the Constitution] also says no religious text shall be used for government office. And when you're required to swear on the book of a religion that is different from you, not traditionally you've done it, that would be an impermissible religious test."

That fact that she swore on a Quran over a Bible or some other religious text means that she is following the Constitution taking her office seriously.

gruaud said...

"isn't it reasonable to assume..."

No, it almost never is. Especially when you're a RWD.

Hooray4US said...

"Rejoice Obama supporters! Your dream of changing America forever is coming true."

Once again we get this meme that all "Obama supporters" are this united front pushing for "changing America forever."

Change is inevitable. Of course RWD wants to somehow attribute all change that he has been dictated not to like as the "fault" of liberals. This nation has been changing and in constant flux - like every other country in the world - since day one.

RWD chooses to turn his back on Captain Obvious and continues to throw temper tantrums about everything that he's been brainwashed to believe is "bad" for HIM. It's all about selfish, self-absorbed RWD, the total Loser, which is why RWD will continue to be a dissatisfied loser all of his days.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can send this judge to London, after Sadiq Khan declares himself Emir of the UK and boots out all the non-Moozelinz, which I'm sure will happen any second now.

The big Q: did Sidiq Khan swear on the Holy Qur'an, which now makes all of the UK be under Sharia Law? I'm sure RWD thinks so. Of course, this is all Obama's fault, and all Obama supporters are celebrating this great London victory right now!!11!!!

Thanks, Obama!11!!!

Mike Hawk said...

Let me put on my LIEBRUL hat to answer this garbage....lmao

Whats the fokin' big deal? Is Allah or God going to be pissed and smite us because the Constitution is THE Holy book?

Some people need to get over themselves.

I suppose all Christian judges follow the 10 commandments or the Golden Rule to base their decisions. As if.

The problem is that America isn’t a Christian nation. It’s supposed to accept ALL religions and be a nation that accepts people regardless of their race, religion, and now sexual orientation. If we don’t allow all to be equal and free, then we lose the essence that makes us truly American.

She follows the Constitution – just as Christian judges don’t follow the Bible when they pass a verdict, she will not follow the Quran when she rules in a court of law....

BTW - Carolyn received a Juris Doctor from New York Law School. She serves as First Vice-Chair of Brooklyn Community Board 5, Board Chair of The George Walker Jr. Community Coalition, Inc., Board Member of the East New York
Restoration Local Development Corporation, and a Member of the 75th Precinct Community Council. She is also a trained mediator with the New York Peace Institute, according to her biography.

Mike Hawk

Agent86 said...


Fair point...


Agent86 said...


You miss the bigger point, when RWD quotes Snopes because it seems to fit the narrative (inasmuch as it said it was TRUE, which in no way implies RWD actually READ the Snopes article), they they are bona fide fact checkers. If however Snopes disagrees with the RWD narrative, then the Mikkelson's are commie liberals financed and supported by George Soros himself. RWD's are such a fickle bunch.....


Agent86 said...

*then they

Pikaman said...

Yeah, I always find it weird when I bring up Snopes, only to hear that it's a "liberal site". I never heard any of that until 2008. hmmmmmm..

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