Fw: I would like to see her when she had her dander up!

date:Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 4:53 PM
subject:Fw: I would like to see her when she had her dander up!

Subject: I would like to see her when she had her dander up!
This is a little “spicy” to say the least.

Wow, Even my tender ears are burning !!!!!This young girl makes Trump look like a piker.

The ending is classic!



Anonymous said...

Some random nutbag yelling into her webcam for 5 minutes?


gruaud said...

You should see her video where she singlehandedly defeated ISIS.

Armchair commandos all over the country cheered.

ferschitz said...

No thanks.

Mike Hawk said...

Wow - this was not what I was thinking I'd see.

It's nothing but regurgitated FOX echo chamber bloviation.

Just a bunch of name calling and nonsense. Don't get me wrong, I still
dislike Hillary.....but this teenager is batshit crazy (or she forgot to take her Prozac that day)...and I think she's using some of that ORANGE spray-tan product used by John "Crybaby" Boehner.

The next time her rightwing father decides to write a hate speech, let him disgrace himself instead of having his daughter make a complete fool of herself. Her mouth needs washing out with soap, not by her father, because he's obviously taught her all that she says.

Is this what parenthood is developing into and leaving potty mouth spoiled brats like this "Juan" to become our future. LMAO.

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy Dios.....ha ha ha ha

Mike "Liberal Weenie" Hawk :-)

Anonymous said...

I only watched the last minute.

Wow! A foul-mouthed female misogynist who was well trained by her equally foul-mouthed father. Can't get any more Republican than that!!


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