Fw: Trump - jobs

date:23 May 2016 at 19:01
subject:Fw: Trump - jobs


Agent86 said...

Annnnnnddddd....Wrong again RWD. No reputable evidence, just inuendo, fake Craig's list postings, fake news stories, and if it involves Alex Jones...well...enough said.

Randall said...

Yeah the guy that has declared bankruptcy 4 would have made more money if he had done nothing in his lifetime would be really good at running the economy of our country.

Kind of reminds me of another guy we had as president for 8 years and put us in one of the biggest recessions we ever had minus the "Great" one.

Randall said...

*bankruptcy 4 times*

Anonymous said...

How 'bout: and those are the ONLY jawbz I'll create, you gullible fools.

Agent86 said...

Whenever I saw this meme...I thought of this:



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