Fw: Obama Poster

date:18 August 2015 at 20:23
subject:Fw: Obama Poster


gruaud said...

Talk about interesting timing.

Booman lays it out better than I can.


CharlieE said...

Even more amazing - He did it while having virtually every piece of his proposed legislation filibustered!

Sure, George W. Bush got us into two costly (and unfunded)wars, and doubled the national debt, and sat idly by while a hurricane destroyed New Orleans, but he had a compliant Congress.

Obama, on the other hand, has done (insert imagined damage here) while encountering obstruction at every turn.

Yes, he is a devious criminal mastermind who would make even Dick Cheney turn green with envy.

ferschitz said...

Unbridled racism. Ugly, nasty, false. Long timers here know I'm no fan of Obama, but this bigoted, duplicitous bullshit is just awful. How these creepy conservatives can live with their nasty assed selves is - all while behaving piously self-righteous about their purported religulousness - beyond me.

If HRC (again no fan) should win in 2016, we'll be treated to similar ugly nasty lying bullshit, but this time with the usual GOP War on Women misogynistic slant. UGH.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Fascists love to change the meaning of words. The fact that there is no evidence of our country's destruction, that we all continue to live much as we lived prior to the Presidency of Barack Obama is no concern to them. We are destroyed in our hearts or something.

For myself, it took 6 years, but my company has finally gotten back to where we were prior to the Bush Collapse of Sept 2008. It has been a long hard trek back from the brink of financial oblivion. My only concern is that the obstruction of the GOP has meant that we really haven't examined the problems that led to, nor made the changes necessary to avoid another collapse. Our political system has become poison to our financial system. While the politicians are content to keep on as they have always been: slow to change and constantly behind the times, it seems a few from the financial sector are starting to realize that change must happen if we are to prosper.

gruaud said...

Wall Street is poison to our financial system, as well.

Another collapse isn't 'if', it's 'when'.

Hooray4US said...

Although the D-branch of the UniParty isn't much better - imo they collude with the R-branch in their obstructionism and also bought off by various factions of the 1% - the R-Branch has turned into raving lunatics hell-bent on being as obstructionist as possible. And then, as witnessed here, making up worse shit to blame on the N-word in the WHITE house.

Of course, should Bernie Sanders somehow win in 2016 (unlikely fwiw), it'll be same old, diff'rent day bc SOSCHULIST!!!111!!! and if Clinton wins in 2016 (more likely), it'll also be same old, diff'rent day bc LADY PARTZ!!!111!!! Bhenghazi!!!!111!!! etc.

Thanks to gruaud for the link to the booman report, which sums up the situation. There is a small but significant enough minority of US citizens who are willingly led to be masters of their own destruction via the hate tv/radio/preachers brainwashing them at every turn. They are solely invested in narrow-minded, selfish, narcissistic worldviews, which basically boils down to: I am going IGNORE any FACTS or logic or reason which doesn't fit into my own personal bigoted racist white supremacist hysterical misogynistic homophobic nasty minded perverted lunatic world view. If it means that the country goes to hell in a handbasket, I'll feel wonderfully vindicated by blaming all ills on the poor and minorities and feel manifestly superior and proud of myself for kicking down, while kissing up. Where's my BROWN SHIRT and JACK BOOTS, Mabel??

Oh and screw you "LIEbruls" for expecting to have the right to live, if I happen to be shooting my gawd-given gun and the bullet runs into you. Mah SACRED 2d Amend RIGHTS trump your right to life. Only the life of a fetus is "sacred" in my eyes. Once you're born, you are truly On. Your. Own.

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