Fw: Fwd: A Police Body Cam video

date:5 September 2015 at 11:32
subject:Fw: Fwd: A Police Body Cam video

No protests here - the dude was white. 

Subject:Police Body Cam video
It's a video from an officer-worn body camera.  It takes place in a restaurant
where the male officer wearing the camera approaches a theft suspect
in the restroom of the restaurant and asks him to step outside.  The
male officer leads the suspect outside while a female officer escorts
the suspect from behind.  Once outside, the suspect pulls a gun and
the male officer does what he is trained to do.  Nice shooting.
Police involved shooting - you won't see this on the news.
You shoot and you keep shooting until you have neutralized the
threat. I timed it and he gets off 13 shots in five seconds , hand as
steady as a rock! What a great video.
I think 12 of the shots hit the perp! This shows the value of officer
worn video cameras.
This video shows just how fast it can happen out there. I don't think
the female officer ever got a round off. If you don't want to see a
perp getting what is coming to him, don't watch. It’s a Glock doing
what a Glock is designed to do!
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Anonymous said...

Who enjoys watching things like this? It's a person being shot to death. Pretty gross that their reaction would be "YES, THAT'S WHAT GUNS ARE MADE FOR BABY!"

CharlieE said...


That's the "pro-life" crowd for you...

gruaud said...

Yeesh, that was horrifying. Suicide by cop.

ferschitz said...

No thanks. These gun nut ghouls have been carefully, deliberately and with malice-aforethought brainwashed into getting their rocks off watching citizens been shot to death by cops.

I won't watch it. Disgusting.

My Q: this says that the "perp" pulled a gun. OK. Was it really necessary for the cop to fire off 13 rounds, 12 of which hit the perp??

This seems to me to be a big part of problem. I realize that it's not that easy to shoot someone just to wound them & incapacitate them (so they are not a danger). Yet we seem to have crossed some sort of Rubicon where it's ok for cops to just fire off massive rounds of bullets at just about anyone who appears "suspicious" or "scary." I realize this case is probably more clear cut, but just saying...

Just bc this person happened to be white does not make me feel "better" about this.

Mike Hawk said...

HOW LIBERALS THINK: Treating everyone with "respect" unless they're white, gainfully employed, and a church goer.

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hate myself and slap myself silly every day because I am white, liberal, employed and go to church.

Anonymous said...

Any person who has the gumption to pull out a gun on a cop should be shot to death on the spot.

End of story.

Great job by these cops.

ferschitz said...

Dumbness on parade. So these big-time 2d Amend types are all about owning guns in part to protect themselves against over-reach by the gubmint (of course, good luck with that), ala the armed Militia thingy.

Yet when cops stone-cold murder some armed citizen in cold blood, these gun nuts are the first to be in the cheering section screaming: YEAH KEWL! GO COPS!! Gun 'em DOWN!

So, er, what's the effen point of owning & arming yourself with guns then?

Yeah, yeah, to make a "stand" against other citizens who are allegedly threatening you. Whatever, sure.

But as noted, I thought another excuse was to protect against the gubmint. Yet these twitheads think cops killing armed citizens is the greatest.

Yoo hoo... maybe you can go out and wave your dick, er, gun around and we can clap and cheer when some random cop shoots you down. Is that how it works?

Mike Hawk said...

Sooooooo, the male cop shot and killed the suspect who took out a concealed weapon and pointed it directly at the face/head of his female cop/partner.

So yeah, ferschitz...this cop did a HORRID thing and "stone-cold murdered some armed citizen in cold blood"?!?!

Dude, you are PROOF POSITIVE that liberalism is truly a dire mental

What a dumb fuck you are, jack ass!!!!!!

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Yet Mike has shown time and again that he's a liar, a plagiarist, willfully ignorant, an attention-whore, a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, has the cognitive skills of an 8 year old, and is supportive of perverted sex. Who's mentally ill again?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "Mike Hawk" could get together with David Cameron and his pet pig?

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