Fw: Never forget?

date:14 September 2015 at 18:26
subject:Fw: Never forget?

Never forget?
Can you believe this. Pray tell me what in the world are they teaching our kids in school today, Sex Education, How to get and smoke pot, How bad the United States is, This is what is going to be running the United States some day. We need to go back to the 3 Rs and the paddle board and parents better start parenting.

Never forget?
When college students at George Mason University are asked by the Young America’s Foundation what caused 9-11, several give baffling or just plain wrong answers about the largest terrorist attack in U.S. history. This is an inexcusable failure of the U.S.’ education system and the major news media.
The 9-11 terrorist attacks fundamentally changed Americans’ way of life and its foreign policy for the last fourteen years. On that harrowing morning in 2001, two planes struck the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Two other planes were hijacked: one struck the Pentagon building, and the other was brought down by brave passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 over Pennsylvania.
The terrorist group al-Qaeda, a Sunni Muslim fundamentalist organization led from Afghanistan by the now-deceased Osama bin Laden, coordinated by later Guantanamo Bay detainee Khalid Sheikh Mohammedcarried out the 9-11 attack in ‘retribution‘ for U.S. foreign involvement in the Middle East.
The attack involved 19 hijackers; 15 of them Saudi nationals. There are a missing 28 pages in the 9-11 report yet to be released publicly. Congressmen Walter Jones (R-NC) and Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) have currently issued a proposal to release that classified information.
And… even if you had somehow never heard of the 9-11 attacks, you already know more about what happened than these college students at the largest public research university in Virginia.
The main issue is that not a single college student at any university should be stumped by the question: “What caused 9-11?”
If one is looking for a positive takeaway, at least several of the students in the video acknowledged that the educational system had failed them by saying that the tragic event – an act of war – should be discussed more in the classroom.


Randall said...

Um... yea, except you didn't exactly get what caused 9-11. Osama Bin Laden, was a Saudi Arabian, who was a religious fundamentalist and an ally to the United States, during the Cold War. Bin Laden became angry when saw the U.S. building permanent military installations in Saudi Arabia to conduct military operations and no-fly zones on Saddam Hussein. He viewed this as similar to the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets a decade before. He remarked that the U.S. was "occupying the lands of Islam" and wished to see the U.S. military out of the Saudi Arabia.

gruaud said...

This is one of those sneaky 'get off my lawn, you kids' forwards. It sums up the cause of 9/11 as 'retribution' without going into the nuts and bolts of why. bin Laden's goals were very explicitly stated and he achieved most of them.

Also, two things about college kids. They're pretty damned flaky, especially the freshmen. The other thing is that these kids were 4-5 years old when this attack occurred. Trust me, 9/11 is discussed in history/poli sci classes all over the country.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I blame these kids for being confused. According to the Bush Administration (and a pretty good chunk of the GOP base), 9/11 was justification for invading Iraq. If their own government lies to them like that, how can you expect them to know better?

Anonymous said...

I also wonder, if one of these kids had said "They hate us for our freedoms!" would that have been considered a "correct" answer? After all, that's what W said.

Anonymous said...

Do these kids at least know that the Civil War was actually a Northern invasion caused by states rights and tariff disputes that had nothing at all to do with slavery, no sir, not one bit?

We need to go back to the 3 Rs and the paddle board and parents better start parenting.

Which of the 3 R's is "discussing the origins and history of international terrorism"?

ferschitz said...

I am stumped by "what caused 9-11," and everyone else, USA citizen or otherwise, should be, as well. What "caused" it? Maybe the CIA? Certainly funding, and most likely directions, from Saudi Arabia, our alleged ally. Not to mention that Osama bin Laden, purported "mastermind" of the attack, is the son of BFFs of the Bush Crime Syndicate. Not to mention, that, subsequent to the 911 attacks, there have been numerous videos released purporting to be of Osama bin Laden, but oddly enough, bin Laden often looks completely different in different videos. Of course, then W Bush famously said words to the effect that Osama bin Laden was no longer a "concern."

This tirade purports that al-Qaeda was being "led" from Afghanistan, but where's the credible evidence of that? I think it's more likely that it was led from Saudi Arabia.

Then of course, to add to the confusion & obfuscation, W Bush then stated that "we" had to attack Iraq bc allegedly Saddam Hussein was funding or otherwise aiding al Qaeda. That was/is a bald faced lie. While one can accuse Hussein of many evils, Hussein was armed and supported by the USA, and frankly, Hussein was NOT funding or aiding al Qaeda in any way. Hussein was successful in keeping al Qaeda OUT of Iraq.

I could go on. You get the drift. Why the eff should college students know with some measure of certainty what 911 was "about"?? That's not even mentioning the key salient fact that the W Bush Admin was very clearly warned about the imminence of a 911-style of attack several times after taking office, and the WBush Admin basically said: yeah yeah, get lost, we got this "covered."

Who's culpable? Who's responsible? What really happened?

Hell if I know. Why should some college student know? We've been ceaselessly lied to about 911 all along. One has to read between the lines and make a passing stab at what happened. Results will vary.

Anonymous said...

Gawly...this ferschitz dude is a DEEP thinker.

Thanks for your rant.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Iranian Hostage Crisis occur?

Similar reason for the 9/11 terrorist attack.

US foreign policy is an active,aggressive entity that interferes with other governments, implodes economies, and exploits resources. There is nothing friendly about how the US treats weaker nation states. Either they dance to our tune or they pay the consequences. If China or India were able to slap economic sanctions against the US, things here would seriously collapse. And we would be very, very resentful.

We wouldn't 'hate them for their freedoms', rest assured.

CharlieE said...

What caused 9/11?

President George W. Bush ignoring a Personal Daily Briefing entitled Bin Laden determined to attack U.S.

ferschitz said...

Another piece of salient info, which this lying POS lies about, is that the Taliban *wanted* to negotiate with the USA in terms of capturing bin Laden & his followers when they did run to Afghanistan. However, the CIA/MIC were more interested in gaining a foothold back in Afghanistan for various reasons, one big one of which was to re-invigorate poppy, opium and heroin production - all so that BigSpy could run drugs, guns and probably sex slave from Afghanistan.

The Navy Seals actually had ObL in their sights in the Tora Bora hills in Oct 2001, but W Bush (or really, Dick Cheney) called them off. Geez, dodged a huge bullet on that one... of ObL had been captured that quickly, no easy way to create the very very very lucrative quagmire that exists in the ME to this day.

And btw way someone led Laura Bush out of her darkened room to wax lyrical about how faaaaabulous it was that Team USA was invading Afghanistan bc the plight of Afghani women would be addressed (they were and STILL ARE treated inhumanely by the Taliban), and their lots in life would improve. Pull the other one, Laura, bc Afghani women, by all accounts, are WORSE OFF than before the Yanks invaded.

George Mason Univ is a petri dish for the rightwing think tanks. Who the eff cares what their moronic students think? Besides, this is just more made up hokum brought to you by the 1% who wants to continue fleecing moronic conservatives (and the rest of the hapless populace).

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