Fwd: FW: Modern Medicine break-through

date:Tue, May 26, 2015 at 11:31 AM
subject:Fwd: FW: Modern Medicine break-through

Subject: FW: Modern Medicine break-through


gruaud said...

Ok, let's concede the point. Show me a single politician who doesn't fib.

And yet, she will mop the floor with whomever the GOP (read: Koch brothers and their billionaire ilk) manages to nominate.

What does that tell you?

CharlieE said...

Republicans seem to have an unhealthy obsession with Hillary Clinton. Most Democrats I know don't think much about her one way or another.

ferschitz said...

I quite agree with this. HRC does lie a lot, a whole lot. And so... the point would be... what?

As gruaud said, they ALL lie. Every single one of them. ALL.

So go ahead, RWD, overly focus on HRC's lies and completely ignore the endless & steady stream lies that are fed to you 24/7/365 on hate radio/tv/preachers, FaceBook, emails, etc. All you ever see, RWD, are a pack of lies from beginning to end.

Like every single Republican politician is honest? Pull the other one.

Thx 4 Fish said...

This must be old--there's no reference to the email/server "conspiracy" or Benghazi!!!!

As Repub's focus on these propaganda bites that no one else cares about they will be just as shocked on election day 2016 as they were on election day 2012. It is a predictable but enjoyable scenario--because they just never learn from their mistakes, ever.

Anonymous said...

The issue here can sort of be boiled down to: are you, as a voter, aware that every single politician lies? And if you are, what are you doing to learn facts, so that you can make a better informed decision in the voting booth?

Yes, Hillary lies. So do all politicians. Watching Fox, listening to Rush, reading these emails/Facebook posts and going to your "church" run by the The Family is sure as heck not going to give you factual guidance based in reality.

What's that definition of insanity again? Something about doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result?

Agent86 said...

The basic Republican gameplan is: "Our candidates are all assclowns and stunningly full of shit so instead of talking about how good none of THEM are, we will instead rag on your candidate by which we feel threatened the most."

Yes, Hillary is a lying sack of shit but then again, so is pretty much every person in politics today so what's your point? The fact Trump is leading in the polls should speak volumes as to the intelligence level of the average Republican. I saw a meme posted on FB the other day about what all Trump "supports" and what he claims he would do as POTUS but yet I've yet to hear him articulate on just HOW he plans on accomplishing ANY of it. However, the rubes are eating it up like spawning bass.

Hooray4US said...

Osnos writes, quote, "ever since the Tea Party's peak in 2010 and its fade, citizens on the American far-right - patriot militias, border vigilantes, white supremacists - have searched for a standard-bearer, and now they'd found him. In the past, white nationalists, as they call themselves, had described Trump as a Jew lover, but the new tone of his campaign was a revelation,"


Terry Gross' interview of "Reporter Evan Osnos [who] says the removal of the Confederate flag from South Carolina's state house reinvigorated extremist white-rights groups. Then, he says, "into that moment dropped Donald Trump."

Interesting interview. Bring on the brown shirts and jack boots. Great guy, The Donald. A real "man of the people"... not. More like: the most avaricious grafter with no scruples whatsoever.

You've outdone yourself, RWD.

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