Fwd: FW: ISIS Precision Drill Team Practice

date:Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 3:52 PM
subject:Fwd: FW: ISIS Precision Drill Team Practice

Really pretty impressive.

 Subject: ISIS Precision Drill Team Practice

15 second video of elite ISIS precision drill team member practicing.


gruaud said...

So why are you continuously shitting your pants over them?

Can't have it both ways.

CharlieE said...

Can't have it both ways?

Like claiming that Obama attends an evil Christian church and he's a Muslim?

Like claiming that Obama is feckless and incompetent and a dictator who is responsible for all world events?

Like claiming that the incident at Benghazi occurred because Obama wasn't paying attention and it happened because he's a Muslim sympathizer who deliberately weakened security at the embassy?

Like claiming that Mexican immigrants come here to take all of our jobs and that they come here to sit on their asses and collect welfare?

Actually, the Right is pretty good at the "both ways" thing.

gruaud said...


You shouldn't have it both ways, but the media enables you every fucking time.

ferschitz said...

Eh? This is nothing. Witness one of the alleged "top" GOP contenders for Pres, LieCarly Fiorina, lying bigger, bigger and biggest about events that never happened in a zillion years at Planned Parenthood. This lying liar - who trashed & destroyed two very healthy companies, Lucent & HP, and swanned away with $million$ - has lied so yuuuuge that she can never walk it back now.

Yet her sycophantic brainwashed base eagerly laps up every lie and shimmies in satisfaction at contemplating live fetuses writhing in agony on a table while a "doctor" waits (why? why would someone wait) to "harvest" it's brain for profit.

Conservatives simply aren't trucking in anything even remotely approaching reality anymore. It's all just made up, weird, perverted, sick fantasies ginned up by the parasites at right wing think tanks and sickos who work for GOP candidates.

As horrible as the rightwing echo chamber has been for decades, we appear to have sunk to even lower depths of weird depravity.

This alleged ISIS drill team thing has been sent forth before, and yet these same idiotic rubes will eagerly lap up the next propaganda about how ISIS is poised momentarily to INVADE YOUR HOUSE!!!111!!!! Via Mexico!!!111!!!! With all the dirty messican rapists & murderers who Obama invites here daily!!!111!!!!

weird, sick, perverted, bizarre

Mike Hawk said...

Hey ferschitz:

Since you seem to have such and affinity for Muslims, and do not fear the extreme perverted version of Islam by ISIS militants, why don't you do us all a favor and head over to Syria and fight 'em over there before they get us over here.

Do you know any hand-to-hand combat skills (and that doesn't include playing with your weasel in the bathroom)? Or, do you perhaps own the same type of gun skills exhibited by this dick head Arab in this video?

BTW - What with the silly ass rant about Fiorina? Off topic much??? Dang, you are getting good and punchy, you cook.

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...


Anonymous said...

Mike, who knew Ferschitz was a chef (or is he just a good and punchy 'cook'?). You stupid bag of shit. Besides, you calling someone out for being off topic is hilarious. Eat a bag of dicks dumbass.

CharlieE said...

@Mike Hawk

I suspect the reason that ferschitz isn't heading "over there" to fight ISIS is because, unlike you and your hyperventilating brethren, he's probably not concerned about ISIS coming over here at all.

I know I'm not. On a 1 to 100 scale, ISIS represents a threat to the American mainland of about 2, tops.

This fear of ISIS, fear of the Taliban, fear of Iran and fear of Saddam were all generated by the military industrial complex and their enablers.

I have lost no sleep over any of those "enemies." If you feel otherwise, grab your gun and go, cowboy.


re: Carly Fiorina - Best comment I've seen recently was one posted at Talking Points memo: "If Carly Fiorina really wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood, she should become its CEO."

ferschitz said...

Whyever would I go to Syria to fight ISIS? They pose ZERO threat to me and anyone else in the USA (unless you happen to travel to Syria).

Agree, CharlieE, if "Mike Hawk" is damned a-skeert of ISIS, then he should grab his gunz and go to Syria 'n give ISIS what-fer. No doubt, "Hawk" will gun 'em down in no time. Typical chuckle-headed conservative keyboard warrior. Attempts to paint a picture of all "liberals" (or what his ilk derisorily terms as "liberals") as hating the troops, whilst he would never ever ever join up to put himself in the line of fire, as he appears to believe someone other than him should. At least I disagree with WAR, Inc and do not want ANY of our troops put in harms way, but somehow that makes me a "hater." Of course, with the rightwing these days, it's opposite world 24/7/365.

And no, I'm not a cook or a crook or punchy, but whatever.

Yes, I did see that quote re Lieorina & being CEO of PP, which would immediately insure that it crashed and burned. Too true.

I get a bit riled up about her due to Empress LieCarly ripping me off personally when she was CEO of HP. Company has never come back and now horrid horrible insider trader Meg Whitman is CEO and continues LieOrina's bad habits. ptoui!

And these 2 creeps - who bitch and moan about how horrible the gubmint is - want to sashay into gubmint office so that they can continue ripping off hapless US taxpayers directly via munificent salaries, platinum plated benefits (denied to the rest of the hoi poloi) plus all of that sweet sweet payola from their CEO pals and lobbyists. double ptoui!

Mike Hawk said...

Oops....you are a COOC, ferschitz.

Dang, you would have been great in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"....

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

"Hawk" appears unclear on the concept of what Cuckoo's Nest was all about.

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