Fw: Hillary's new look......could not pass-up sending this!

Sent: Friday, August 21, 2015 10:37 PM
Subject: Fw: Hillary's new look......could not pass-up sending this!

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Subject: Hillary's new look......could not pass-up sending this!


Anonymous said...

That's the best you got?

Holy shit, you're going to lose by millions of votes.

gruaud said...

Conservative humor. I will never understand it.

ferschitz said...

Rightwingnut echo chamber drivel. Brainwashed dittoheads don't get it that the "other side" is simply not interested in (in fact runs away from, if anything) parroting what the KKKlown Kar fascists are doing. That's not the way to win in 2016.

Rightwing "humor" Fail, per usual.

CharlieE said...

gruaud said...

Conservative humor. I will never understand it.

How could you? The term "conservative humor" is an oxymoron. You'll find it right there with "conservative compassion", "conservative fiscal responsibility" and "conservative personal responsibility"

For an example of recent fails on the last two terms, note the Republican support for allowing Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to keep her job and her $80,000 annual salary despite the fact that she's refusing to do her job.

blaney said...

RE: Kim Davis

Yeah, ain't that a hairball? Here's this person who got her very very high paid (for back of nowheresville KY) position via nepotism. Her mother apparently had the same job for close to 40 years, and this woman's had it for almost 40 years. She is "elected," but yeah, right, and she swore an oath to uphold the law. BTW, she has also hired her son to work with her, and he's refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples - another law breaker. Nice.

So here's this rightwingnut (albeit she is registered as a Democrat, but that's another story) who's highly compensated by the Satan-inspired tax dollar - something that rightwingers constantly vetch, bitch, whine & victimize themselves about.

This Davis creature refuses to do her job - what she swore on the Bible she would do - and then refuses to quit. Clearly her rightwingnut Grifter lawyers are hoping to cash in bigtime from the rightwingnut Grifting circuit and made this low-life scum into a "Christiany" martyr.

PUH-leeze! If Davis was striking for something more reasonable (like better pay, if that was appropriate), the wingnuts would be shrieking about that. But bc she's "packaged" as a Xiany martyr, the wingnuts fall in line and agreed to be fleeced. Of course, then she gets "endorsed" by none other than another Xiany Grifter hypocrite, Huckabee, whilst the even scummier Ted Cruz gets kicked to the curb while trying to suck up to this low life scum. GAH.

What a three-ring circus of loathsomeness, irresponsible law breaking, overpaid nepotism on state taxpayers' dimes, and a bunch of morans totally getting into onward Xtiany soldiers mode.

A Confederacy of DUNCES, Grifters, Low Lifes and white supremacist hicks & bigots on parade. THIS is the base of the GOP. Wow. Just wow.

And by the way, Trump is all-out in appealing for the White Supremacist vote. I don't like Clinton much, but she's not trying to appeal to White Supremacists at all. That's why this photoshop is a total moran failure.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Humor needs to have just a kernel of truth about it to be funny, so yeah the idea that any Dem would profess the xenophobia and buffoonishness of the Trump campaign is too much of a stretch. This Trump-hair might be funny atop the heads of Walker, Jindal or Fiorina though.

Mike Hawk said...

I think that this $600 haircut is very befitting of Shrillary Pant Suits Clinton.

Makes her facial features (err, wrinkles and double chin) stand out...

Mike Hawk

P.S. - She sure "do" got pretty eyes. Wonder if Slick Willy has ever shot his load of jism on that pretty face like he did with Monica "Linguistic" Lewinski. Or, perhaps Shrillary only likes the "cigar treatment"......

Hooray4US said...

Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, troll wrote something childish and dumb.

Couldn't find anyone to plagiarize?

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