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Very insightful analysis of BO



The nowhere man-very disturbing

When Our Military Is Attacked, Obama Is a Nowhere Man
By Robin of Berkeley (an insightful analysis of our President)
(Robin is a licensed Psychotherapist in Berkley) WOW!!!!

He's a real nowhere man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody . . .
He's as blind as he can be,
Just sees what he wants to see,
Nowhere Man can you see me at all?
(Lennon / McCartney)
I used to have a friend with a few screws loose. But you'd never know it.
Barbara dressed impeccably in designer wear, and her house resembled a museum. She was a professor, tops in her field.
But behind the impressive image, all wasn't right. She said she loved her son, Noah, but acted like he didn't exist. A single parent, Barbara wouldn't hesitate to introduce Noah to her boyfriend of the month. She skipped some of his meals, claiming that she was too busy to cook.
Barbara called me her best friend. But she'd cancel dates at the last minute for no good reason. And she always flaked when I needed her.
Even though Barbara looked perfectly normal, there was something awry. Perhaps the neurons in her brain weren't firing properly.
I've been thinking about Barbara since Obama came on the scene. Like Barbara, Obama professes concern for people, but treats many with utter disregard. Since both are charismatic and successful, it's easy to get fooled.
Some would say Obama's cool detachment is narcissism. But narcissists are charmers; they know exactly what to say and do, even it's all hot air.
Others think that Obama is disengaged because he's elitist, arrogant. The day-to-day grunt-work is beneath him. His motto: I'd rather be golfing.
All of the above may be true, but it's something else: he seems off to me.
During a "60 Minutes" interview with Steve Kroft when the stock market was sinking, Obama giggled. He wasn't embarrassed afterward, or apologetic. More worrisome than his bizarre behavior was that he didn't regard it as strange.
Then, last week, we're faced with a national crisis: soldiers killed and gravely injured by an apparent Jihadist in the guise of a military doctor. When announcing the catastrophe, what does Obama do?
He drones on and on for three minutes about Native American health issues, even doing a shout-out. In a monotone voice, Obama then reports that soldiers have been shot. He's nonchalant, flat, as though he's reporting the weather.
Afterwards, the opinions roll in. Some say that Obama looks down on the military. He views our soldiers as the great unwashed, trashy and ignorant, like Sarah Palin.
Others assert that Obama's sympathies lie with the Muslims. Thus, he wants to avoid our burning questions: Why wasn't Major Hasan put on leave after he made anti-American remarks and surfed the web for information about Jihad? Most importantly: what is the government going to do to keep our military people and civilians safe?
True, Obama's disinterest could be related to all of the above. But there's one more possibility: he may not have the foggiest idea what to feel or say or do.
He may not realize that after dozens of our soldiers are shot, he should be angry. Sad. Worried. He should feel something. Or at least pretend to.
When Obama isn't prepped and rehearsed, he flails around like a blind man. He's clueless, lost in space.
Obama wrote in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, that he's not comfortable around people. This speaks volumes about his disengagement.
People who cannot relate to humans, who are made nervous by close proximity, shut down. They isolate and hide, like a snail inside its shell.
This is when my therapist mind goes into overdrive trying to figure out what's wrong with Obama.
Is he schizoid (a detached, asocial person)? Bipolar (manic depression)? Does he have a brain syndrome? What about Asperger's (high-functioning autism causing a defect in social skills)?
Is something wrong medically -- a hormone or blood-sugar imbalance, a head injury, too many drugs in his youth?
Or is his disconnect caused by damage from childhood, from being raised by freaky people?
Barack, Sr. was an abusive alcoholic and a bigamist. Obama's mother, like my former friend Barbara, made decisions about little Barry that showed little parental concern, like schlepping him to Indonesia, then back to the States, then wanting to return with him to Indonesia (he stayed with his grandparents).
Obama's grandfather Stanley was impulsive and volatile; he was expelled from high school for punching his principal.
Stanley weirdly named Obama's mother "Stanley" because he wanted a boy. He anointed Frank Marshall Davis, an alleged pedophile and avowed communist, as young Barry's mentor. In his autobiography, Obama reports feeling uncomfortable at having to listen to sexually charged, drunken trash-talk between Stanley and Frank.
Did Obama start sealing himself off in childhood? It would be understandable: who would want to bond with people so disturbing? And why form emotional ties when you'll soon be leaving?
Obama may have felt continually out of place and alien: black in a white family, American in Indonesia, middle class with average grades at a rich kids' prep school, and child of an odd, Communist-leaning family.
In Dreams, he reveals how he started detaching. About living with his grandparents from preteen on, he writes, "I was to live with strangers." And: "I'd arrived at an unspoken pact with my grandparents; I could live with them and they'd leave me alone so long as I kept my troubles out of sight."
All grown up, Obama remains hermetically sealed. Although he's been a media star for a couple of years, we have no idea who he is inside.
I've often wondered why people haven't come forth to say, "I knew Barry when..." We live in a media-saturated, exhibitionist world where everyone wants his three minutes of fame.
So where are all of his school chums, best friends, and old flames? The groups he hung with? His teachers, neighbors?
Where are the anecdotes of what Obama was like, his interests and predilections? Was he friendly, funny, insightful? Did he win any prizes or trophies? Pen any papers?
Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review. Yet from his former colleagues we find no accounts of putting out the journal together under his leadership.
He was a lecturer on constitutional law. Why hasn't a single student come forth and offered evidence like a good attorney?
Why the silence? Could it be that Obama left no dent, not even a single footprint? Is there nothing there?
When I envision the youth of other public figures, my impressions are vivid:
Little Bill Clinton: people-pleaser, Mama's boy, showoff.
Young Hillary: brainiac, smartest girl in school, bossy.
W: wisecracker, class clown, smart-aleck.
McCain: impetuous, volatile, ornery.
Sarah: sweet, popular, every teacher's favorite, Miss Congeniality.
Young Barry: _________________. Blank.
Only this: stranger in a strange land.
Obama's identity seems to have been formed when he found his clan: Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn. But these are disconnected people, misfits who aren't comfortable in their own skin. Their radical ideology arises from rage and alienation.
They, like Obama, treat people with disdain. Rev. Wright damned us after 9/11. Ayers and Dohrn bombed us, even masterminded a failed plot to kill U.S. servicemen attending a dance.
Obama's indifference and distaste are on display every day. He golfs while unemployment surges. He pontificates after an attack against America.
Why the "let them eat cake" attitude? Is it because he's pleased that the Left's long-laid plan to decimate capitalism is working nicely? Is he stubborn, not wanting to do what he doesn't want to do?
I'd say yes. But there's something much more unsettling.
He may have a limited ability to care.

Sure, Obama loves his wife, children, dog Bo, and himself -- especially himself. And he relishes his far left ideology.
But the working stiff, the heart and soul of this country? I don't see it. The United States? I don't think so.
And that's why Obama should never have been elected president.
A man or woman can be a decent president without getting As in school or graduating from the Ivy League. He or she does not need to have had a Brady Bunch childhood.
The person can even lack experience if he or she is committed to working 24/7, learning the important stuff, and seeking expert advice.
But there's one requirement that is nonnegotiable: Any viable candidate for president needs to be able to care about us.
And, frankly, I don't know if this president is capable of it.
Robin is a licensed psychotherapist and a recovering liberal in Berkeley.


Anonymous said...

This person is a psychotherapist? Seriously? This is some of the worst, amateur hour psychobabble BS I've ever read. I honestly hope this woman isn't treating patients. If she is someone ought to contact the APA and check into her qualifications.

gruaud said...

I suspect Robin is a bit of the zealot. Kneejerk
liberal until she feels slighted by her tribe, and
then re-polarizes 180 degrees.

At any rate, another "BHO is a soulless fraud
hellbent on destroying America!" screed.

Yeah, we've never heard that one before.

As for Obama's speech last night...Bush may
have dealt you a shitty hand (two unending
wars, a blasted economy, etc) but now the
Afghan War is all yours like Bush never even
existed, and you will be crucified for it.

Celia said...

Well, obviously, she's such a good psychoanalyst that she can psychoanalyse people she's never even met and only knows through what they decided to reveal in their autobiographies.

You know, even if a counsellor has worked with someone, their assessments are still going to be filtered through the usual human biases and mental blocks, plus will be muddied by what the client does or does not reveal (and by the client's own biases etc). So why anyone thinks they can get an accurate picture of someone through books, news and the internet without having to even say two words to them, I don't know. Still, it's so easy to believe, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dubya is really "off", we've discussed this before -

Oh, I'm sorry. You were projecting again, weren't you?

ferschitz said...

WOW!!!! Well, gee, why didn't you tell me before that "Robin of Berkeley" has these amazingly acute insights into BHO??? If only I had known that "Robin of Berkeley" felt THIS way, why, I would've ... done exactly what I did: vote for BHO.

I didn't bother to read much past the first sentence or 2. In my usual opinion, this is churned out by some rightwing think tank recycling the same ridiculous spin while adding in the latest news, such as BHO's response to the Fort Hood killings. No matter what BHO does, no matter what he says, no matter how he presents himself, no matter what... he will always be WRONG.

Oh well, same screed, different day.

And yes, Gruaud: Bush blew it royally on the Afghan war. I was never in favor of going there in the first place, mainly because NO ONE (over many centuries) has ever defeated the Afghans. Get a clue.

I've always felt that the Bush family had no intention of capturing bin Laden for several reasons. But I'll stop my conspiracy theories now.

Bush started 2 wars on USA credit cards; drove us into the ground financially; BHO now has to figure out how to handle it. The left is pissed at him for various reasons, but the right is simply crude, immature and abusive.

"Robin of Berkeley"... my ass. How stupid is that? Project much???

ferschitz said...

No, Anon TROLL, we weren't projecting at all... look in the mirror, dude: it's your side that projects all the time.

Bush dropped the ball royally in the Afghan war; forgot completely about so that he and his gigarich buddies could rake in the bucks from Haliburton contracts in Iraq; and now you want to blame something on BHO?

Spare me your nonsense. So sick and tired of the right coming along to offer NO solutions and just point fingers of blame.

Come back when you're ready to collaborate... although I doubt that you know the meaning of the word.

Anonymous said...

Actually ferschitz, I think the other anon was accusing the right of projection.

gruaud said...

If you've the stomach for it, check out Robin's
archives at American Thinker.

She writes variations on three themes:

1) Why I am a recovered liberal and why liberals
are evil and I'm so sorry I was ever a liberal.

2) Obama is a monster or a puppet or some kind
of a freakish puppet-monster

3) People are so mean to Sarah Palin!

Anonymous said...

Y'all have said my piece already. But this (which I've seen in several FWDs and similar lately):

"Then, last week, we're faced with a national crisis: soldiers killed and gravely injured by an apparent Jihadist in the guise of a military doctor. "

Makes me scratch my head.

Whether or not he was a "Jihadist", he was not "in the guise of a military doctor" - he *was* a military doctor.


Marc with a C said...

Robin of Berkley

Any relation to Sir Robin the Chicken-Hearted, who had nearly fought the Dragon of Agnor, who had nearly stood up to to the vicious Chicken of Bristol, and who had personally wet himself at the Battle of Badon Hill?

Snarla said...

"Robin of Berkeley" is a psychotherapist and Maj Hasan is a psychotherapist. Coincidence? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Others think that Obama is disengaged because he's elitist, arrogant. The day-to-day grunt-work is beneath him. His motto: I'd rather be golfing.

Now watch this drive.

At least Bush was always on the job, right?

Thx 4 Fish said...

Marc with a C--it's been a while, but I think you are referencing Monty Python's Holy Grail there--an apt comparison! I checked out one of the "Robin of Berkeley's" other columns. This is not the most bizarre of the bunch! And the comments of her supporters make you wonder if you live in the same universe as these people.

Anonymous said...


I was the Anon who wrote about projecting.

I was talking about the right projecting. Dubya was totally "off" - really weird behavior, possibly drinking by the end of his 2nd term - and he obviously only got where he was becuae of his family name, seemed to have little clue what was going on, and the Vice President & other shadowy powers seemed to be running things. It's like they projected all that was true of Dubya onto BHO.

Don't know how that got taken as right-wing trolling.

gruaud said...

Quote: "It's like they projected all that was true
of Dubya onto BHO."

Yup. Very obvious and bears repeating. A competent
Democratic president causes insane levels of cognitive dissonance in these people. Deep
down they realize they've backed the wrong
horse but have a deep-felt need to double
down to escape guilt.

Hence, the 'elitist, anti-American, don't-give-
a-shit, teleprompter' crap. It's Dumbya to a T.

It drives them bugfuck.

And how's that for psychology, Robin of Berkeley?

Anonymous said...


I concur, Robin. I have never heard of that man before in my life. Oh, you mean Barack. Silly me, expecting you could spell.

"I've often wondered why people haven't come forth to say, "I knew Barry when..."

Plenty of people have come forward. Sure, a lot of them were dishonest, but if you are going to believe that
"Sarah: sweet, popular, every teacher's favorite, Miss Congeniality"
then you are probably the type of person to be able to vividly picture a baby boy born in Kenya, panicked international phone calls to Hawaiian papers, and learning to be a terrorist in a madrassa, you know, other bullshit. To claim that NO ONE has come forward (full of shit or not) and that you have heard nothing is to have not been paying attention.

Oh, yeah, and this, this, this.

So much dumb.

ferschitz said...

Apologies to Anon for calling you a troll. It was early in the morning (pre coffee), and I jumped the gun. My mistake and I stand corrected. Sorry 'bout that.

katz said...

So...does Robin of Berkeley have a last name?

I've looked up the Berkeley psychology department's faculty directory and they don't list anyone named Robin in either the faculty or emeriti. Of course she might be a student, but then she wouldn't be a psychologist, would she?

Or, more likely, she's a diehard right-winger who decided to fabricate a liberal persona and picked a university with a liberal reputation to bolster her false persona.

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