Fw: McCain's Advice on AARP

Sent: Saturday, December 05, 2009 1:41 PM
Subject: McCain's Advice on AARP


gruaud said...

Speaking of Socialism...

Oh, and:

"The AARP jab marks the second reversal this
week for McCain. After the senator proposed an
amendment Monday to strip the health care bill of
its Medicare cuts, Democrats were quick to point
out that during the presidential race, McCain's campaign called for reductions in Medicare
funding to pay for his health care plan."

Anonymous said...

I used to have some respect for McCain, as a more moderate Republican, perhaps it was undeserved. After he sold his soul to the devil and tried to make Sarah Palin veep, I realized my mistake. It is hard to even look at him now.

ferschitz said...

McCain used to have some ethics and some chops. He is a waste of the time & space continuum at this point. Sold his soul to de debbil some time ago.

And like these Repukes ever liked McCain anyway. Meh.

Anonymous said...

McCain and Lieberman, birds of a feather.

CMcD said...

When Ted Stevens left the Senate, it left the world's greatest deliberative body without a Chief Unhinged Ranter. Luckily for us, Maverick John McCain has stepped in to fill the void!

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