FW: Thank a United States military VETERAN TODAY

Subject: Thank a United States military VETERAN TODAY
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 16:26:20 -0700


Anonymous said...

Grenada? Seriously?

And where's Nicaragua?

Anonymous said...

Because sending an e-mail and saying "thank you" is so much easier than fully funding veterans' hospitals, veterans' benefits, veterans' mental health services...you know, actions that might actually help people.

ferschitz said...

Thanks, 2d Anon post: you beat me to it. These are smug, self-righteous jerks that are quick off the mark to go "hell yeah" to starting wars with no thought about how to pay for it, how to have a good strategy for it, and ya know: exit strategies are for pussy libruls, etc.

And then let's shriek constantly about "support the troops" EXCEPT when a Democrat is POTUS; then suddenly all the idiotic "support the troops" shrieking goes out the window so these same self-entitled shits can run around the country whining about their effen TAXES, which go to... uh, lessee: supporting the troops!

And now they're all, like: gee whiz let's remember our troops at the holidays because we are just so sanctimonious and pure, and we can just all feel so self-righteously GOOD about ME (because it's all & only about ME) because I spared 1 second of thought (but only a thought, certainly not a deed or gawd-forbid any of my so-hard earned $$$$) to the troops.

Cry me a river. Get off your fat asses and go donate some time a the mission shelter where you'll serve food mostly to VETS who came back broken men & women from fighting is senseless wars ginned up to earn money for the uber-rich corporations, or go collect food and toys for military families - and THINK about WHY we have to collect food and toys for military families at Christmas: because you selfish, self-centered, arrogant, nasty SLOBS don't ever want to pay taxes ever under any circumstances. But you want to have wars all over the goddamed place to prove something, but who the eff knows what?

I'll stop ranting now, but it's just incredibly aggravating to see the same self-righteous bullshit flowing in an unending river from these sanctimonious but cheapskate assholes.

Marc with a C said...

Hey, they missed Somalia. And Haiti. And Wounded Knee.

Liberal, Atheist Navy vet said...

You're welcome!

CultofZoidberg said...

...but we still don't have to fund their benefits right?

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