Fw: Obama's Blackmailing


In case you haven't heard and may not hear, from the major newsworks, President Obama is getting desperate to get his healthcare plan through the Senate. Word is out that he is making more than serious threats to senators if they do not weight-in on his side of "the plan".

Tom Sullivan on the radio announced that news was leaked to certain people that President Obama had threatened (conservative) Democrat Senator, Ben Nelson of Nebr. Obama said he would shut down Offut AFB, our nation's Strategic Air Command Headquarters Office, in Nebraska, if Nelson does not vote in favor of the healthcare plan! Isn't this blackmail or just plain coercion ? Can the president get around the law when it comes to a criminal act such as Blackmail?

There are probably 10,000 jobs at that AFB, not to mention what it would do to the small businesses dependent on the AFB. It was embedded in the middle of the nation for security reasons. This will affect all Americans if Obama could manage to carry out this threat!

I suggest that everyone get busy on the phone, e-mail, fax or snail-mail or any other contact with Senator Nelson's office to offer

support for his continued opposition to the healthcare plan

And I also suggest that we contact the Whitehouse to voice our opposition & outrage of this type of activity by President Obama. We know his

staff will deny this but we cannot let him get by with this.

The third thing we need to do is spread the word to let others know, in case the major news people, working together with the President, try to snuff this information.

WE are well aware of Whitehouse staff plays childish games by naming the opposition in an attempt to put them down, such as they have done so far - Teabaggers, Birthers, Flat Earthers, etc.. Just remember, "Sticks and Stones will break my bones but names will never hurt us!"

We cannot let the "leader" of our nation continue down this road of tyranny, threatening elected officials, to endanger the security of our nation to get his healthcare plan in place! Take action, don't be imtimidated!


Anonymous said...

Senator Nelson's office has already denied that any such threat exists.

This fact should surprise no one with more than 3 working brain cells.

ferschitz said...

More swill pushed out by the swines working for Big Insurance lobbying firms and rightwing think tanks.

I thought all these Repukes were insanely against "pork spending," and funding for such bases often gets put into other bills as pork.

Rightwing LIES, smear and spin: what else is new?

Oh where oh where is PutzTroll with the gazillion advanced degrees to "defend" this crapulous lie??? Nothing to say???

Anonymous said...

Its too bad. If Obama had this kind of Moxie, we would have a nice robust public option.

But, sadly, this isn't true.

Anonymous said...

The one blackmail I hope he's used is to tell jackass Joe that if his one vote kills the bill he is out of the Democratic caucus and losing his chairmanship.

M. Giant said...

"Blackmail" is when you threaten to expose someone's secret unless they do what you want. This would be "extortion."

Hibryd said...

I would seriously like to know how these things start. Who was the first person to type this up and hit "send", and what was he thinking at the time?

Anonymous said...

The truth is that Offutt AFB has been considered for BRAC closure in the past, but was successfully parried by local politicians. It was a relic of the cold war, but has seen many technological upgrades to bring it's mission in line with current priorities. Also, the BRAC process was created to prevent just this kind of imaginary evil tyrant scenario. The White House cannot arbitrarily place any base on the list, for just this reason. However, as we see over and over again, reality doesn't matter to these people.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Obama, threatening a conservative Democrat? When in this entire year has that ever happened?

In fact, right now, Howard Dean and the progressives are about ready to desert the health care bill because it's been so thoroughly soiled by "bipartisanship."

I'll believe that Obama's a liberal when he stops praising Joe Lieberman for being an agent of the Republican Party.

katz said...

The bit about "we know his staff will deny this" exposes that these emails are in bad faith.

They know these things are false, or at least they deliberately avoid checking them, yet they propagate them anyway.

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