Fw: Sign

Fw: Sign


Seen on US Hrove intersection.
(near Durham , N.C. )

This sign shoud be posted at every major intersection!


Anonymous said...

More corruption? Than the Bush Administration? Highly dubious.

gruaud said...

Agree w/ anon.

Bush foisted prodigious amounts of debt, government, wasteful spending, and corruption on the US. Where were you sign makers then?

And, it can't be stressed enough, regulation is a good thing. If you give corporations a free pass, you will be drinking contaminated water, breathing smoggy air, taking adulterated drugs, driving unsafe cars on unsafe roads, etc.

Because taking shortcuts with your safety = profits.

If you're protesting on behalf of corporations against the health and safety of your fellow citizens and you're being paid to do so, you're a tool. And if you're not being paid, you're a fool.

Anonymous said...

This is just a sign created by corporations to fool the 27% who would never vote for a Democrat under any circumstances.

I think it's high time that Democrats just start ignoring these dead-end Repuglicants bc it's clear that the GeeOhPee will never negotiate, will never work towards any kind of real bipartisan solutions (eg, their definition of "bipartisan" is: it's the Republican way or forget it), will never play even close to "fair," will never be honest, will never try to have a real dialog, will never be "fair & balanced." Period. The end.

I think Democrats just need to move on and do what we think is best for the country as a whole (including trying to make things better for idiotic contards).

It's clear that rightards are concerned only about themselves, esp if they're extremely wealthly.

The less well educated & not very wealthy rightards generally are racists who have been hoodwinked into believing that their wealthy overlords will take away all of the jobs unless they never have to pay any taxes again under any circumstances. It certainly was a good brainwashing manuever by the obscenely weathly to dupe the poor white trash.

So: Democrats, please carry on as if these folks simply don't exist. There really is no point in paying any attention to them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Agree w/above post, and FINALLY! (bing bing bing), it looks like Dems have the balls to go it alone on health insurance reform (let's be clear that it's NOT about health "care" reform). Big Insurance is spending $1.4 million per DAY of blood money (literally) to fight tooth & nail to continue their stranglehold on US citizen dollars (at the expense of giving YOU adequate heath care).

Republicants like Kyle & Grassley have made it abundantly clear that they will NOT negotiate in any way on health insurance reform.

Support your Democratic congressfolk and encourage them to move forward on their own. Time to take our country back from the abyss and work towards a better tomorrow. As the other poster stated, the 27% who voted for W & Palin ain't never gonna vote for Dems no matter what.

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