Fw: Soon we'll ALL qualify!

Subject: Fw: Soon we'll ALL qualify!


Anonymous said...

Talk about insanity.

The Obama administration makes use of the Caduceus in its health care symbol. This makes sense given that its one of the oldest freaking symbols in the history of humankind and is universally known to be associated with doctors and medical care. Yet somehow right wingers are so ignorant, stupid and otherwise assholish that they would make the connection between a well known symbol for health care and the Nazi eagle. Amazing.

Are you right wingers saying that doctors and nurses are Nazis? Because I get that impression.

Maybe they think that the US Marine Corp, whose proud symbol is an Eagle with outstretched wings standing atop a globe, is full of Nazis as well? I mean, the symbols are so similar, even more so that the two symbols here!

Anonymous said...

This is Lush Rimjob at his finest. I would like to believe that comparing health care, fer gawed's sake, to Hitler would somehow strike even these brainwashed morans as obscene and absurd.

Sadly, I fear that is not the case.

That it's almost beyond imagining does not mean that these sadly duped & manipulated wingtards won't buy into. At this stage, they are so brainwashed that they'll buy anything that says: booga booga Nobummer BAD!

Sheesh. I dunno what the answer is bc it's abundantly clear to me that no matter what this Admin does, these brainwashed idiots won't like it.

gruaud said...

It's not about healthcare, socialism, or even fascism.

It's about race.

katz said...

"Where have we seen that symbol before?"

Ummm... on the caduceus, which has been a medical symbol for centuries?

Anonymous said...

I actually think that my grandparents would be happy to be "traded in" for my well-being.

Not like Obamacare is gonna do that, of course, but I would like to think that most grandparents would be pretty okay with the idea.

It is pretty obvious that most of the crazies at the town halls are not close with their families, after all, if I had a relative who wanted to go insane in public, I would keep an eye on them better.

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