Fw: I laughed out loud......

Hi all, A Doc made this!!

Your healthcare committee thought you could use a laugh

Our doctors are multitalented.

When Obamacare is done ,...all doctors will be

allowed to give you is a laugh

and THIS DOC is good at it.

Dr. X , an anesthesiologist in my friend’s office,

put this together and put
it on You Tube.

He even does the singing.

Enjoy and rock on for freedom.
One Single Payer System--

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gruaud said...


Fact: The US healthcare system is easily the most expensive in the world, with a huge chunk of that money going to private insurance corporations.

Fact: The number of people without health insurance is now over 16% of the population, or
47 million people -- and it is growing.

Fact: Per WHO, the US ranks 72nd out of 191 nations in overall healthiness.

Why the right is so stupid:

They oppose broadening the health care coverage safety net.

They oppose a choice in healthcare providers.

They oppose access to health care specialists.

They oppose improvements in the quality of health care.

And, most of all, they oppose lowering the costs of health care.

All because the Insurance Lobby tells 'em to.

Anonymous said...

Har har har har, THE ONE! GET IT?! Those liberals say Obama is Jesus all the time!

As a doctor, he should be intimately familiar with the mess that billing every different insurance company brings, to the tune of an average $80,000 a year per doctor just trying to get paid.

He should also be aware that nobody in Washington wants single-payer except doctors, long-time reformers, and what someone in the White House called "the left of the left."

We couldn't get UHC because that's too good for Americans. We couldn't get single-payer because... you can't say that on television. We couldn't get a public option because conservatives are mean. But hey, co-ops are just as good as all that, right?

Anonymous said...

I just got one of those RWFs (wait for it here) from a wingtarded friend. It's allegedly from a doctor who is dissing the public option bc, oh, I dunno, the world will come to an end if we have it.

My friend, who struggled during the latter years of the W Admin to make enough money to pay her bills, including her rising health care premiums, of course blamed ALL of that on BHO the day he was inaugurated (and whined that "everything" would be "horrid" and she'd get even poorer now that BHO was Pres... talk about being brainwashed...).

In her intro to this dumb RWF about how horrid the public option is, she trumpets how fantastic her health care plan is, even tho she ADMITS that Big Ins is "ripping us all off" and "rules the world." BUT!!! if the gov't implements a public option... boo hoo hoo sob cry boo hoo... Big Ins will shrivel up and DIE a horrid death, and - shriek, horror - we'd end up like Canada or the UK (teh horror, teh horror, we might all get good health care for a good price).

The cognitive dissonance would be astounding except I'm so used to it that it's become normal, which is sad.

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