Fw: FUNNY!!!!

OBAMA after visiting Michael Jackson's doctor


gruaud said...

What's your point, contards?

g said...

awe -- repugnuts want to be fair and lovely too. jung would have a field day with the republican party. so much pyscho/sexual repression, so little time.

bendk said...

haw haw git it cuz our president's a nig*DING*

Anonymous said...


Typical contard stab at "humor":

1. Pointless and stupid
2. Racist & bigoted
3. Dull & boring
4. Stupid, idiotic, moranic, dumb & stupid

Celia said...

I have also seen a photoshop of John McCain as a black man. Mind you, it wasn't very realistic - he looked like he'd been dusted with cocoa powder.

White Obama is obviously wearing a hairpiece.

Anonymous said...

...and suddenly the right wing has less of a problem with him.

Anonymous said...

White Obama = Jimmy Carter?

That's such a complex joke!

Anonymous said...

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