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Anonymous said...

Very effective propaganda. ��

Anonymous said...

Ok, you can completely disregard history to justify your being deplorable, so answer this:

So why do 100% of the KKK, neo-confederates, Nazis, fascists, mysogynists, the Christian Taliban, biker gangs, skinheads, and other detritus vote Republican?

What do they have in common, I wonder?

CharlieE said...

Modern Republicans apparently have to go back to the 1860s to find something the party has done that people admire.

ferschitz said...

Wow. That's a hella huge amount of projection going on.

Duly noted how the rightwing think tanks & Fox are heavily propagandizing their brainwashed viewers into never straying away for the real Fake Nooz network.

And so, does this mean that Republican voters are ashamed of their pro-slavery, KKK roots? Why are they running away from who they are? I thought they were proud of themselves and their role in the "War of Northern Aggression"??

Son of Strom said...

I'm convinced, and will strongly consider becoming a Republican................if I am ever transported to the 1860's, or if Teddy Roosevelt is on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

If the GOP is so proud of ending slavery, why are they also freaking out about removing horrible monuments to the defenders of slavery?

delagar said...

The sad thing is how many RWDs fling that "Oh yeah? Well it was REPUBLICANS who ended slavery!" line around.

It's factually true, obviously, but they're so oblivious to the fact that they're revealing their utter ignorance of history by thinking that's a "gotcha" line -- that one or the point about the Southern Democrats being part of the KKK.

Dunning-Kruger: it's not a kind of motor oil.

Hooray4US said...

Gee Whiz. I thought IOKIYAR always applied.

Good to know that there's something that conservatives have decided are not OK.

Typically, RWD then happily shifts the blame for these heinous acts onto Libtards. Figures.

Ashamed of yourself, RWD? I guess that's unpossible if you can always blame LIEbruls anything you've been told is bad.


Anonymous said...

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

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