Fwd: You have to see this video of Clinton and Obama on illegals so funny

Asunto: Re: You have to see this video of Clinton and Obama on illegals so funny

Thanks Jay. I find it odd that Slick Willie and Little Barry can say the same thing Trump is saying without having the liberals riot and protest in the streets and also not having the media attack the messenger. I posted these videos on Facebook and look forward to see if any of my liberal friends have any comments


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Subject: Fw: You have to see this video of Clinton and Obama on illegals so funny

Kind of interesting<wlEmoticon-openmouthedsmile[1].png>

Subject: You have to see this video of Clinton and Obama on illegals


Anonymous said...

My only question to people STILL supporting Trump:

If that was your dad acting like that, you wouldn't seek medical help?

CharlieE said...

It's pretty amazing. The man demonstrates, day in and day out, that he's ill-informed, ignorant, impulsive, thin-skinned, breathtakingly dishonest, and has no idea as to how anything he does will be received by the public at large.

On top of that, he's getting nothing accomplished.

It's barely made a dent in his approval ratings among his base. They love him, because....????

Anonymous said...

They love Trump bc he's an ignorant bully who hates and publicly disses all the people that RWD has been taught to hate. It's that simple. Plus Trump pretends to be "conservative" and they'll never ever admit they made a mistake. Trump can take away all of their health care, Medicare, Social Security, raise our taxes & create no new jobs, but Fox & Rush will dictate to them how the DemoRats are worse. Bank on it. Yes they're that stupid.

delagar said...

They loved Trump because Trump "pisses the liberals off" -- or at least that's what they believe. That has become the entire reason for the Conservative Party to exist: to be dicks, so that they can make liberals angry.

They're like toddlers, breaking their own toys to get even with mommy. HA HA HA, I'll how HER!

ferschitz said...

Oh FFS. I don't know about others, but I was well aware of both Clinton's and Obama's stands/policies/decisions about immigration, their decisions on handling undocumented workers, etc. Most of my friends and acquaintances were as well. I disagreed with some of what both of them did and agreed with some of what they did and said.

What I've found/read/heard is that it's conservatives who believe to the bottom of their shriveled black hearts that Clinton and Obama coddled undocumented workers, "invited illegals" to come here willy nilly with no vetting, blah de blah.

Obama already had extreme vetting in place. It's really hard to get into the USA as refugee. Most of the undocumented workers came here on legal visas, some of which were vetted extremely.

I read some of the comments. The so-called "Libtards" were explaining points just such as this, and every time, they're attacked by Trump fans as being delusional and stupid and not living in reality etc. The Trump fans rant on and on about how Trump "does what he said he would" and that's why it's "driving Libtards crazy."

This particular post was in the immediate aftermath of Trump's very botched first Muslim ban, which was handed down on a Friday night and caused extreme problems - extreme - at most airports, whereby totally legal Green Card holders, as well as refugees who had been extremely vetted, where forced to turn around and go back.

Yet these yutzes defend Trump to the max all with the usual rightwing blather about how Trump is keeping us all "safe" and how it's not a Muslim ban, etc.

Yeah, Libtards are just sooooo not living in reality that the "so-called" Judges - some of whom were nominated by Republican Presidents - happen to agree with the Libtards that Trump's travel bans are wrong, wrong, wrong.

One "libtarded" commenter pointed out that Trump isn't banning Muslims from places like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which is were the majority of terrorists, who've actually attacked citizens within our borders, have come from. Gee, I wonder why that's so??? Could it be that Trump has businesses, hotels, and the like in THOSE countries??? But Trump is just out to keep the sheeple so "safe."

As someone said above, most of Trump's fan will never ever stop supporting him, no matter how horrible he is and how badly they, themselves, are screwed over by him. They simply cannot admit that they were wrong, and what's worse, that the Libtards were right.

Anonymous said...

There is no conservative thought. Only an unquestioning set of beliefs.

They believe whatever they are told, especially if it is a reflex to progress.
No matter if it makes the world better or helps people, even them, it is
BAD if liberals also embrace it.

That is nuclear stupidity.

Anonymous said...


I prefer this one buttercups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBWUOOzuWIY


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