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CharlieE said...

So much wrong, and not much point in addressing it all, so I'll just take on this one:

"Republicans win either way."

None of those people are as likely to get us involved in nuclear war than the Current Occupant.

That makes all of them better options.

Anonymous said...

"The election of Trump did not create the Left's hate. It revealed it."

Oh, we were never hiding it. It's no secret we find conservatives loathsome.

Anonymous said...

LOL at the last pro Isreal one. I'm sure Israel is loving Trump now, after he spilled their state secrets to Russia (and then the whole world) and put one of their top spies in danger.

Also funny that they think the media were the losers at any Trump press conference. The media loves his press conferences because he always goes off the fucking rails and they get to cover it.

ferschitz said...

Gives a good overview of the lies fed to RWD 24/7/365, which highlights why RWD is such an ignorant, racist, easily misled, gullible old fool.

The alleged crime statistics of "illegals" is a complete falsehood. The bulk of crimes for which undocumented people are arrested is for being undocumented. The statistics on crimes committed by undocumented people are not readily available and have to be searched out in a vareity of places.

It's estimated that undocumented people are only around 3.5% of our population, not 8.5%. The levels of violent crimes committed by undocumented people are much lower than what's depicted.

That said, I duly noted that both Fake Nooz and Breitbart were trumpeting out specious "statistics" like this, which warms the cockles of RWD's heart bc it gives him even more ammo to be a racist jerk.

Duly noted also the Israeli propaganda at the end. Tell me again, why you and I giving Israel billion$ every year? And why Israeli citizens enjoy much higher single payer health care - paid by you and me - while our Overlords tell us not to get sick, and if we do, go die fast?

Ugh. What a bunch of bullsh*t.

Thx 4 Fish said...

It's true I would not like to see Mike Pence or Paul Ryan or the rest become president. And I think President Scandal will probably accomplish little legislatively, but sometimes you gotta accept the lesser of two evils for the good of the country, and even for the good of the world. The good of the country is sadly an idea the tribal Repub's have long forgotten.

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

"The crime rate of illegals is 100 percent"

What the fuck does that even mean?

Anonymous said...

I do agree with the Jeff Foxworthy one. Too funny, and great point.

Hooray4US said...

The Jeff Foxworthy comment is as stupid & ill-informed as Foxworthy typically is. If people are caught entering the country illegally, they are arrested and sent back. So it's just more dumb rightwing propaganda dressed up as "patriot humor."

It's been proven that most undocumented workers in this country entered the USA legally, and then they over-stayed their visas. Frankly that happens in many countries, not just here.

What also happens is that some USA businesses recruit, hire and bring undocumented workers to the USA to work for pennies on the dollar typically in unsafe and unhealthy conditions, like in chicken and meat processing plants.

When ICE finds out, they deport the undocumented workers, but ICE does absolutly NOTHING about the business owner who engaged in this clearly illegal practice. And the business owner knows he won't suffer a consequence, so he turns around and does the same thing again and again.

Where's Jeff Foxworthy's "zinger" about the stupidity of a nation that allows rich business owners to keep breaking the law endlessly with no consequence?

Shorter A: Jeff Foxworthy doesn't create "zingers" about rich white businessmen because he's too busy pretending to be a redneck, while being handsomely rewarded for being a racist a**hole.

Rightwing humor "fail." Try again.

Anonymous said...

Good story about Foxworthy, for those interested in it.


CharlieE said...

@M. Ray Crabbinson
"The crime rate of illegals is 100 percent"

What the fuck does that even mean?

They're making the rather obvious point that if you're an illegal immigrant, you've broken the law simply by entering the country.

It's not real deep.

Hooray4US said...

To Anon (last one): it's admirable that Foxworthy is ministering to the homeless (or he did at one time). However, that doesn't take away from the fact that Foxworthy is quoted as lying about undocumented people in order to jazz up his fan base. Pretty hypocritical, if you ask me.


M. Ray Crabbinson said...


I get it. But everyone on this earth has committed some small crime or other. I've jaywalked, and my mother has illegally downloaded movies. The crime rate of white people is 100 percent as well.

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