Fwd: Gays in Iran


Anonymous said...

For the last time, let's be crystal clear:

We do care. You do not.


CharlieE said...

Why does RWD think liberals don't care about how gays are treated in Iran?

I must be missing something here.

Anonymous said...

RWD wants liberals to support destroying all Muslims countries because they treat gay Muslims bad. Because liberals support gays, that should be enough to get us to support indiscriminate bombing.

In other words, RWD is a fucking idiot.

ferschitz said...

What Anonymous said. This propaganda serves several functions:

1. To show RWD the booga booga scary scary Muslims in Iran who are also out to get HIM!!1!

2. To reliably pit RWD against the, in this case, clearly hypocritical Libtards, who both suck up to the scary Muslims while not supporting their alleged LGBT "comrades." Of course, no proof or links are provided to demonstrate that the gawd-awful Libtards somehow are not "caring" about LGBT citizens of Iran, but we now have documented evidence that RWD is impervious to facts and reality that don't accord with his Fox/Hate Radio/"Christiany" Broadcasting world "view."

3. To drum up RWD's support for bombing Iran back to glass (which, whatever your morals or ethics, never ever works, but it's a giant boondoggle payola win for the 1%).

Finally, who's really the hypocrite? Well we all know the answer, but just a reminder that it's RWD who supports the efforts by USA-led "Talabangelicals" to enact "Kill the Gays" legislation in Uganda, which has been partially and sadly successful. So why should RWD give a stuff about LGBT citizens in Iran, much less care what the Libtards think about their treatment?

So much propaganda in such a small space, but, as always, a picture speaks a thousand words. And rightwing dog whistles and red meat grow ever easier to spot.

And finally who knows if this picture is either: a) from Iran, b) LGBT citizens being hung? Could be from anywhere, and the unfortunate victims might be hung for any number of reasons. Not good in any case, but just saying: are these gay Iranian men being hung for being gay? Who knows? I certainly don't, and neither does RWD.

delagar said...

What everyone above said.

The "you don't care about the gays in X country!" is the same stick we get from the Right whenever Feminist say anything, except with the noun changed. "Whiny American feminists -- I don't see you doing anything about the women being abused in X country!"

Never mind that MOST of the people doing anything about anyone's civil rights (whether they are women or LGBT or children or refugees or whoever) are, in fact, progressives.

I mean, unless you count carpet bombing their country "doing something" for their civil rights.

Anonymous said...

Whom did we carpet bomb. Dunno, did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

The CIA carpet bombed Laos for nearly a decade in the 1960s. It didn't achieve their goal of preventing Communism in Laos & Viet Nam. Just left parts of those 2 nations w lots of unexploded ordinance.

During the campaign last year Ted Cruz claimed that carpet bombing parts of the Middle East was the workable solution to all the myriad of problems there. I believe Cruz bragged about carpet bombing Syria to glass. Nifty. It doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Trust RWD to resonate to propaganda that uses the execution of civilians somewhere- who knows where & why it's happening- to get his hate on against liberals. And allegedly bc liberals don't care about gays being executed in Iran. Like RWD cares about gays being hurt or killed anywhere?

This is close to being one of the worst pieces of scurrilous rightwing propaganda that I've witnessed to date. So hateful & fugly on so many levels. One has to try hard not to give in to despair.

Sadly there's worse to come I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

"Why don't liberals care how gays are treated in Iran?"

Why don't conservatives?

In Iran - or Saudi Arabia?

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