Mike Hawk said...

Oorah....Terrorism sucks no matter where or how it is carried out.

We truly live in trying times that force us to be ever so vigilant.

Whether it be the Marines, drone strikes, local law enforcement officials...we must all work on a global basis to extinguish such evil and deranged assholes.

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

You sanctimonious twat. 'OMG, terrorism is bad.'

Ya think?

Anonymous said...

I suppose it never occurred to them that the terrorists have basically the same motto, just substitute the word "infidel".

gruaud said...

Reminiscent of

Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out.

Didn't work too well in Vietnam, if I recall.

ferschitz said...


Quote has been swirling around since 2001 and attributed to Gen Schwartzkopf, who initially denied it, then later sort of used it.

This is a pretty crappy photoshop, but apparently you can buy bumper stickers with this nasty message on it.

Rightwingers: nasty, angry, filled with revenge fantasies.

Not my choice of a way to live.

CharlieE said...

The average American is more likely to be struck and killed by lightning than they are to be killed by a terrorist.

A little perspective, please.

gruaud said...

And you're more likely to be killed by a right-wing terrorist than be struck and killed by lightning.

Mike Hawk said...


Vietnam compared to terrorism?

False equivalency much???

You, my friend, are living proof that pansy ass liberalism is a mental illness.

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...

Oh wait a second, that was gruaud who made that asinine statement

I apologize profusely to ferschitz.

Still wouldn't want either of you pussies sharing a foxhole with me in battle....

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

To CharlieE

To be struck and killed by lightning is to die as a result of mother nature at her nastiest.

To be killed by a terrorist is to die as a result of the direct and premeditated intent of another human being who has no value for life and absolutely no redeeming human qualities whatsoever.

Terrorism = Deliberate
Lightning = Not so

Now, go fuck off with your twisted liberal so called "perspective". God damn it.

Anonymous said...

Apparently statistics is not one of Mike Hawk's strong points. I wonder if all math has a "liberal perspective", much like facts have a liberal bias...

Anonymous said...

Mike imagines he's in a foxhole during battle?

Dude, the only battles you ever have are fighting with your mom over the last pork chop at the dinner table.

Anonymous said...

Nope, but one innocent civilian killed at the hands of a terrorist is one too many.

Fuck you and your smart ass statistics...no wonder you Democrats got your asses handed to you across the board on November 8th.

Bunch of spineless jellyfish mother fuckers.

Anonymous said...

One so-called Terrrisss is so pants wetting booga booga scary scary Libtards aren't patriotic-y. But any number of white male miscreants with armories of weapons stone cold murdering kids, women & men in schools movie theaters churches clinics sports events on the streets are just nice guys just out exercising their 2d Amendment rights. Nothing to see here kiddies. Move along now.

Anonymous said...

"and your smart ass statistics."

Reality is a bitch for nazis.


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