Fw: DHS on the Hill

Pretty sad if this is representative of information available from DHS.......

I wonder what they are doing with their time.
You can bet they are not missing a payday.

The secretary of DHS sends her to speak for DHS. This can't be real!

This will provide a lot of assurance that terrorists can't get into the country J.

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Why isn't this front page news? Why? Why? and Why? This is absolutely disgusting. Where are these numbers and why don't we as a nation know them. WTF?


gruaud said...

Well, seeing how it's a congressional hearing led by Gowdy Doody, there's little doubt that this was another ambush for the purposes of political grandstanding.

That aide went in there expecting to be interviewed on one thing, and the Republicans blindsided her.

CharlieE said...

I'm sure it will all be better soon, once Homeland Security is run by someone who hates Homeland Security.

In fact, with every government agency being run by someone who hates it, has sued it, wants it privatized, or wants it shut down, I'm sure it will all be rainbows and unicorns very soon.

ferschitz said...

I can't wait for my very own sparkle pony. I'm so sure that Donald Trump is picking one out for me very very soon!!1! I hope it's the model that shits rainbows & lollipops!1!

gruaud said...

Ironically, John Kelly (picked to head DHS) is the one pick Trump's made that didn't curdle my blood.

Mike Hawk said...


"ambush"... My ass!

BTW - Comrade gruaud, I guess you're now in favor of the militarization of DHS and throwing away political correctness by the wayside? You are about to see racial profiling peak at our nation's airports...all in the name of "security".


You can't have it both ways gruaud, you balderdash talking liberal weenie.

Now, pull my other finger, pendejo.

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Troll, you have it both ways every time you comment, you hypocritical idiot.

Anonymous said...

Actually Anon, MIKE HAWK makes a very good observation. One can not be in favor of the new Head Of Homeland Security and be on this blog every day bitching and moaning about racial profiling in this country and being a steadfast advocate of minorities and the disenfranchised.

Let gruaud defend his statements on here and stop attacking MIKE HAWK personally.

You add absolutely nothing to this thread.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mike Hawk posting as anon, 'not making one's blood curdle' is not the same as 'being in favor'.

Learn to fucking read.

Mike Hawk said...

For gruaud it certainly is.

gruaud is one very strange liberal bird.

Mike Hawk

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