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CharlieE said...

I've never understood the Right's irrational fear of this woman.

Anonymous said...

Geez RWD, the election is over. Your insane choice is in charge now. Maybe focus on, I don't know, trying to run the country instead of still focusing on Hillary.

Thx 4 Fish said...

The right ALWAYS needs a villain, and it is just so easy to paint a woman as a villain that they are having a hard time putting aside Hillary.

But just as soon as Trump is sworn in we'll be seeing Nancy Pelosi as the main villain again. Everything old is new again. Chuck Schumer at least will be a new face for the villain of the Senate.

gruaud said...

What the fuck are they going to complain about now that HRC has been vanquished?

Trick question. They'll complain to the grave.

gruaud said...

@ T4F: Jinx!

ferschitz said...

RWD haz a sad. No more Shrillery Killery Hitlery to kick around anymore. Sob!

ferschitz said...

"My incompetence led to 4 deaths at Benghazi."

That's arguable, but what about the known fact that W Bush LIED about WMD and hundreds of thousands died, including many thousand US miliary and civilians.

Oh, silly me: IOKIYAR.

Mike Hawk said...

Hillary was an extremely flawed candidate....

End of story.

Give Trump a chance.

I see where even Michael Moore predicted Trump's win many months before the election. Now he's scaring all you liberal weenies by tweeting that "Trump is going to have us all killed because he refuses to hear all the intelligence briefings". Fucking laughable.

The bullshit goes BOTH ways.


Shaking in my boots now with Fat Ass Moore's silly god damned tweets.

bwahahaha woooo-hooooo

Oh yea!

Mike Hawk

Hooray4US said...

Many of us here have said that HRC was flawed and/or not the best candidate. I guess we all have to give Trump a chance, but many of his voters are now expressing dismay at his cabinet picks and his constant tweeting of bullshit. It's not just "liberal weenies" who're complaining about Trump's antics.

Trump isn't even in office, and the GOP in Congress is emboldened to put forward a bill - clearly written some time ago in anticipation of just this outcome - cut and gut Social Security, which Trump promised his voters he'd protect. Don't say we didn't warn you. Medicare is next up on the chopping block. Don't say we didn't warn you.

The recent spate of Reds under the Bed scare-mongering leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth given my own skepticism of the CIA, and especially given that the CIA is apparently refusing to share their "proof" of hacking.

It's unclear to me how what the Russians allegedly did actually tipped the scales significantly for Trump.

My prediction, though, is that a whole lot of Trump voters - in particular, those living in the Rust Belt and claiming "economic insecurity" - are going to be very very sorry that they trusted and voted for con-man Trump. My other prediction is that the USA is about to see a yuuuuuuge transfer of wealth from the working/middle classes to Trump and his cronies in .01%. Don't say we didn't warn you.

A lot of Trump voters were swayed by bullshit like this propaganda here, which really is a witch hunt and utterly lacking in substance. I've said all along that there's lots to question about the Clintons, but Benghazi ain't it.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Mike Hawk said...

Actually, I think the Ol' Donald is mo' of a softy than the projection he gives off in public. All that macho man persona is part of his shtick...he's a showman.

Deep down, I believe he's a lil' teddy bear with a soft heart....after all...he was a Democrat at one point in his life.

Melania can attest to the fact that he's nice and "soft", especially between his legs. ;-)

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

I'm totally impressed that an old senile fart like Liberal Loony Tunes Bernie even knows how to tweet. I believe his socialistic agenda/ revolution couldn't even beat out Crooked Hillary for the Donkey's nomination.

Time to take your Metamucil, Bernie, and hop into bed with your hot wife.

What a sore loser.



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