Meet The Intolerant Vulgarians Of The Dirtbag Left

Fwd: This hits the nail squarely on the head. Amen.


gruaud said...

When Democrats are ascendant, they are subjected to incessant vitriol and obstruction from Republicans. When Republicans are ascendant, they expect the Democrats to go along to get along.

Tough shit, Davidson.

ferschitz said...

Republicans are obnoxious, nasty, obstrutive and becoming more dangerous no matter whether they are in power or not. Talk about a bunch of sore winners.

I've seen comments recently suggesting that all Democratic voters should be kicked out of the USA, because we're not "real citizens." This kind of trash talk is no longer amusing, nor is it normal for anyone to have such a viewpoint.

This type of propaganda is not only a bunch of lies, but I consider it dangerous to our nation.

CharlieE said...

The op-ed says that the Left wants to force their views on everyone. What's unsaid is that the Right wants everyone on the Left dead.

Hooray4US said...

My speculation is that the Trump propaganda mill run by Steve Bannon is hyping up the rage against so-called libruls (this time around) as a distration to deflect Trump's fans from the reality that Trump is gearing up to screw them over. Look at Trump's cabinet picks. Totally GOP 3.0.

Labor Secy? Someone who is in favor of "illegals" bc = less pay for Jose. Too bad Joe White Supremacist.

And on down the line. Goldman Sachs alumi. Foreclosure specialists. Public School privatizers. And so on.

Plus: No Yuuuuge Wall. No locking up crooked Hillary. No new jobs. No manufacturing brought back or forced to remain here. And hey yeah, the GOP might just repeal the dreaded terrible gawd awful darkie Obamacare, but then a ton of these white supremacists can celebrate while loosing all the health insurance they ever had. Plus just wait'll Medicare and Soc Sec are privatized.

It's natural these heavily progandized marks are encouraged to train their hatred on the horrible left, who somehow are always ruining their lives in totally unspecified ways. That way, they won't see how their glorious leader is the one shafting them.

Good luck with that, goobers. Ya had it coming.

CharlieE said...

Remember how the Republicans and Trump were all pro-coal-miners?

Last night, the Democrats fought for a year long extension of healthcare benefits for retired coal miners.

The Republicans voted against it.

There you go, Trumpers.

Anonymous said...

You got played like the idiots that you are, white anglo-saxon protestants.

Your suffering is just beginning.

You hate liberals (because the billionaires told you to hate liberals) when they've had your back since the 1930's. You rail about liberal media - there isn't any; you rail about liberal billionaires - there's a couple as opposed to literally hundreds of RW extremists who literally hate democracy; you rail about the subversive power of liberals - it's simply reason and facts.

You're living proof of divide and conquer.

Mike Hawk said...


Soooo the lesbian Rachel "Tuna Breath" Maddow was talking on her nonsense show about California possibly seceding from the USA as a result of the Donkeys losing all power in DC. Funny how quickly the Party of jackasses has fallen to its knees and is in a total state of flux.

But surely, California would never leave the Union, as it relies heavily on all the goodies it receives from DC.

Squeal you lll nipple sucking liberal piggies on the left.

Boy, its hilarious to see the comments on here now from all you left wing assholes. Ya bunch of YUUUUUGE losers.

Mike Hawk

gruaud said...

Idiotic, as usual. Done any good plagiarizing lately?

California has an economy larger than most nations on the planet, has created more jobs than any other state, and grows the most food. It boasts a huge manufacturing sector and state of the art infrastructure.

It could secede with no problem; it doesn't need the US, the US needs California. I could see the whole west coast seceding and being much better off for it.

Mike Hawk said...


"while loosing all the health insurance they ever had"?



You continue to fully display your spelling prowess on here. What a fool...a liberal fool, that is.

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...


"Me" thinks you "is" painting an overly rosey picture of California.

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...


Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

I read your link, so what? There's nothing in there that California can't fix.

We don't need sharing our taxes with dependant pauper states like Oklahoma, Kansas, or Mississippi to get along on our own.

We don't need the US. #calexit.

Mike Hawk said...


You sound like a true patriot, my Californian fellow citizen. However, your premise is myopic and childlike at best.

Are you sure you're not a Confederate redneck that has relocated to the west coast?

What a you obviously are clueless.

Mike Hawk

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