Fw: How Mexicans are preparing for Trump's wall

Subject: How Mexicans are preparing for Trump's wall


This is how the Mexicans are preparing for the new Wall that Trump is preparing to build!!!


Mike Hawk said...

Hilarious. However, I understand the "dirty Messsssicans" have brcome YUUUUUUUGE experts in digging tunnels.


El Chapo Guzman ;-)

Anonymous said...

There will be no wall, chumps. You got played.

Anonymous said...

Seems to pretty much destroy the argument for the usefulness of a wall.

(also, I don't know what sport that is but it looks pretty cool. I'd watch that if ESPN put it on)

ferschitz said...

Suckahs! Ya been conned.

CharlieE said...

If there is a wall, rest assured that some company with "Trump" in its name will get the contract.

Pikaman said...

You know, it's amazing that people thought walls worked at all. All they did was buy the city time while the higher classes made their escape. You'd need attack on Titan height walls to do anything,, but even that could be scaled.

We climb mountains for no reason. For fun. What the hell kind of challenge is a wall going to pose?

Mr_Creosote said...

Futile political stunt.

Show me a 50 foot wall, and I'll show you a 51 foot ladder.

Of course the best solution is to penalize businesses that hire illegal immigrants, but then that would run counter to the interests of those seeking cheap and exploitable labor. The corporatists of both parties wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole.

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