Never Trust a Fart

Since Hillary declared that the family is POOR—I am shipping them several rolls of delicate toilet paper—she obviously needs them
This was probably taken right after the State Department announced they were reopening their investigation into her email protocols.
Hillary Clinton hates this photo of herself and has 'DEMANDED' that it be removed from the internet
So please, whatever you do, Forward this to anyone you have ever known since the beginning of time to help her get it off social media.
She could make a freight train take a dirt road.


gruaud said...

Stay classy, conservatives. If you can't run on meaningful issues, there's always photoshop.

ferschitz said...

Photoshop 101.

Hillary Clinton has nothing better to do at this time than to "demand" that this photo be "removed from the Internet."

RWD still hasn't figured out how the Innerwebs work, I see.

2d grade "humor" fail.

CharlieE said...

I've searched all over, but I can't find her demands.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of first ladies, especially the wannabes...
there are tons of non-photoshopped nudies of Melania and her sagging tits.
Fucking rightwing trash.

Hooray4US said...

I personally don't care what Melania did before meeting Trump. I am curious as to whether she worked legally when she first arrived in the USA. I don't think she did, and that's a different story.

But it is beyond hypocritical for rightwingers to attack ANY Democratic politician (or pol's wife) given Mrs. Trump's background. For the party of the so-called Moral Majority and family values... eh? well, let's just say: IOKIYAR always applies.

Anonymous said...

If you have to tell us you're moral, family values, compassionate, or fair and balanced?

It's because you're really not.

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