A 2016 Campaign Poster?  VERY GRAPHIC and other Possible 2016 Campaign Posters?                                  
Shown below are posters designed for possible use in 2016.  If they are used, it will be because
  enough people in authority will have decided that it is time to put a stop to lies as the staple of Washington .   

This ranks right up there with Jane Fonda during Vietnam ... Justice is demanded for those murdered and Justice for Incompetence of the people allowing this to happen is due... Harsh but please keep this moving.  Everyone should see this. The horrific torture this man had to endure should be a reminder to those who admire/support Hillary.  How could anyone ever say

"What difference does it make?!

A 2016 Campaign Poster? Some folks may be bored by keeping this story alive, but looking at the crowd that is

doing this and planning for the future (What does it matter?) the memory needs to be kept alive.


Let's circulate this to as many as possible. 


ferschitz said...



There are at least 13 Benghazi-type killings of CIA operatives and consuler staff that happened under Bush the Lesser. Probably these types of killings have happened under most US Presidential Admins.

I'm sorry for the loss of Ambassador Stevens and the others, but the Republicans have politicized this event way beyond belief. It's grubby, cheap, and basically a lie to blame Clinton as if she didn't care. Did W care about the people who died on his watch? Who knows because Fox, Rush, the GOP and all the other rightwing talking heads never bothered to investigate. IOW: IOKIYAR. Always. Hypocritical double standards always apply with the TeaTardz.



gruaud said...

I think deep down (maybe even subconsciously for most conservatives) the rightwing is projecting their utter and avoidable failure on September 11, 2001 via Benghazi.

Anonymous said...

ferschitz said:
There are at least 13 Benghazi-type killings of CIA operatives and consuler staff that happened under Bush the Lesser.

Bush is running for Pres., Clinton is.
And BTW did he have an unsecured server in his basement?

Son of Strom said...

Anon: Bush is not running for President; your candidate is Donald Trump.
And no, Bush wouldn't have known how to operate an email account. It was Karl Rove who had the private email account, and bragged about deleting 22 million emails when they left the White House.

Anonymous said...

Bush is running for Pres., Clinton is.

Bush did run for President again, in 2004. Should he have been disqualified because of the attacks that happened "on his watch"? What's the standard here? If this is damning for Clinton, then why was Bush allowed to be re-elected?

And BTW did he have an unsecured server in his basement?

No, he made up intelligence to invade the wrong country and kill lots of people for no damn reason. That's a tiny bit worse than a server in my mind.

Blaney said...

Unsurprised. Rightwing commenter neatly excuses whatever Bush did because NOW he's not running for President. Ok. Why didn't Fox, Rush, etc, make a big deal out of the various attacks on embassies and CIA stations that resulted in deaths under Bush's watch?

The rightwing commenter never answers that question. Just deflects to stating that Clinton is running for Pres now. Yes, that's true.

But why is it "ok" for these incidents to have happened when Bush was President, but it's not "ok" when Clinton was Secretary of State.

It's called: hypocrisy. It's called: a double standard. It's called: IOKIYAR.

BTW Colin Powell and Condi Rice also used private email servers, but rightwingers don't care about that either. Yet again: IOKIYAR.

Typical. This just proves the point that rightwingers are very heavily propagandized by Fox, Hate Radio and all the rest of it. It's always "ok" if a Republican does something, but when a Democrat does it - go crazy!!

So tired of the double standard. Get a clue.

Hooray4US said...

If these hypocrites are so very very "upset" over the death of these CIA operatives in a known-CIA base inside of Libya, then why aren't they equally upset over the CIA operatives and consular staff who were killed in 13 separate incidents during the Bush Admin?

Sure, Bush isn't running for President, but I thought all of this over the top whining had to do with feeling so "upset" over the "loss of 4 American lives."

Clearly, we see at least one rightwinger here who could a sh*t about the other Americans who died in very similar circumstances during the Bush Admin. Ergo: Loss of US lives? Who gives a sh*t about them??? This ONLY about a witch hunt over Clinton. ONLY that.

These people just suck.

Wasted MILLION$ (really) on the Benghazi Witch Hunt which endlessly proved that HRC was not in the wrong. But hey: let's PRETEND that we're ever so "upset" over the loss of 4 American lives.

Go eat a bag of salted dicks.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives have proven time and again that they are shitty, selfish assholes. They are the bad guys, while pretending that they are oh so patriotic and upstanding. Wrapped in a flag, carrying a bible, yet determined fascists and enemies of democracy.

Fuck you and your billionaire masters.

A.J. said...

First image still pisses me off. 1. it's old as hell. 2. Stevens was not tortured, raped, or had a cattle prod used on him. He died in a hospital after concerned MUSLIMS took him there so that MUSLIM doctors could try to save his life.

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