MRWD NEEDS YOU!!!!1111!!!

Fellow Readers/Commenters/Contributors/Makers/Takers/Trolls,

My Right Wing Dad Needs YOU!!!!1

You may have noticed that some of the e-mails being posted are rather dated,  I mean the right wing outrage of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is getting to be old news.  Well, Dave has a pretty good backlog of old e-mails that can probably keep the website/blog going for six months to a year.  However I am sure that there is plenty of new propaganda coming out of the right wing machine.  

If you contribute excellent, keep it up, it is very appreciated!

For the rest of you, contact that one Uncle that is no longer allowed over for Thanksgiving, or your neighbor that listens to way to much right-wing talk radio and can't quite figure out the tubes of the interweb or proper punctuation.  Ask them to be put on their e-mail lists and send that on to us.  We will be happy to publish their unique outlook on reality.  

Assistant to the Curator,


Anonymous said...

And Cheney got away with it, that evil fuck.

Hooray4US said...

Sorry Randall but I simply can NOT ask my crazed rightwing family to include me on their email lists. It's one of the main reasons why I'm not on Face Dump either. I can't take it... but good luck.

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