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gruaud said...

I can come up with a similar list of white, Christian terrorists.

And, as far as I am concerned, the NRA morphed into a terrorist organization years ago. And a rapidly growing number of Americans agree with that assertion.

Anonymous said...

Oklahoma City Bombers, Olympic Bombers, Charlestown Shooter, Columbine Shooters, Norwegian mass shooter, Planned Parenthood Shooter, Birmingham Church Bombers... were any of them Muslim?

Of course, the thing that trumps all of this is violence carried out by "Christians" against black people under Jim Crow. Untold numbers of lynchings, beatings, and torture carried out by Christian terrorists, at least a few of which were certainly NRA members.

But we know all that already. The thing I always want to ask people who compile and share these muslim terrorists lists is this:

"And? What are we supposed to do with this information? Some terrorists are muslim. What are we supposed to do, treat ALL muslims as terrorists by default? Suspend their civil rights? Just bomb their countries indiscriminately? What exactly are you advocating as a course of action? "

CharlieE said...

We have no way of knowing if any mass killer is an NRA member or not, since the NRA refuses to release a list of their members.

We could also post a long list of mass killers here, all shooters, and all of whom were non-Muslim.

What's the point of this?

ferschitz said...

Slanted "nooz" for those who want to justify their racist bigotry.

In the UK, there is a lengthy list of former IRA terrorist attacks led by white Catholics or counter-attacks led by white Protestants. Although there's long been great tension between Catholic N. Ireland and factions of non-Catholic UK, then what? The UK/N. Ireland went through long times of "troubles" and a lot of people lost their lives. Yet and still Northern Ireland wasn't carpet bombed into glass, nor were all Catholics in the UK exterminated.

And more recently, the troubles have died down, and there's peaceful accord. There was, sadly, a lot of violence and a lot of death, but no bombing to oblivion, and no rounding up of Catholics for extermination. Amazing how that worked out.

We have no idea whether or not some of the mass murderers in the USA were NRA members or not. It's likely that some were, but we'll never learn the truth.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's likely that most white/christian/nazi/confederate/tea-bagging/terrorists are members of the NRA. Birds of a feather.

Mike Hawk said...

CHARLESTOWN shooters???? Where the hell is that?

Another dumb ass on the far LEFT....ho hum. Just another day ending
in "y" in the far left bubble.

Mike Hawk

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