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subject: Obama is an ASSHOLE.... 

Obama Blasted by Md. Sheriff for Ignoring Deaths of Slain Officers While Vilifying Police


gruaud said...

Except Obama has honored hundreds of police officers killed in the line of duty throughout his two terms.

So, DeWees, you are either deliberately perpetuating a well-documented conservative meme or you have willingly fallen for it, because it fits your narrative.

Anonymous said...

"Taking ever oppourtunity to vilify police officers"? You're drunk again, RWD. Go sleep it off and leave us alone.

Also, don't conservatives dislike "hate crimes" legislation? But now they want to have it both ways and add police as a protected class under that legislation?

ferschitz said...

I did a very brief google search, and it shows Obama honoring plenty of slain PDs. Of course, there's also plenty of rightwing sites beefing and whining that Obama doesn't honor "enough" WHITE police officers that got killed in the line of duty. According to the usual rightwing sites, Obama "only" honors minority PD.

So, yet another day ending in "y" where RWD or his surrogates bitch about Obama not doing anything ever under any circumstances "correctly."

I don't know about this particular incident in MD, but I call bullshit on DeWees. And agree: since when did conservatives want to have "hate crime" legislation? Oh yeah, right: when it's alleged "hate crimes" against all of eternally victimized Whiteys.

Go away, RWD, and STFU.

Hooray4US said...

RWD and Sheriff DeeWees are the assholes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, DeWees is a major asshole. But he's a teabagging fuck, so no surprise. That's where most of the assholes ended up. Jesus, RWD, you seem to think you're the good guys. Nope, you always are and always will be the bad guys. You've weaponized religion and patriotism against the rest of the country and strut around like smug little roosters. Fuck off.

CharlieE said...

President Obama does something. Outrage ensues on the Right.
President Obama does not do something. Outrage ensues on the Right.

In other news, the sun rose in the east today.

Anonymous said...

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