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Subject: Fw: Fwd: Interesting point of view.

Subject: Interesting point of view.


Anonymous said...

Those people? They're known as "intelligent."

I know, it confounds RWDs everywhere.

gruaud said...

Well, one is calm, reasonable, articulate, and extremely savvy about how government works -- signing in legislation despite obstructionism not seen since the run-up to the Civil War.

And the other one is the polar opposite of that.

So, yeah Sam, it's really interesting.

Anonymous said...

The Dude does not abide.

CharlieE said...

For the most part, they're right.

What's the point here?

gruaud said...

If Obama was legally able (and willing!) to run for a third term, he'd win in another landslide.

Randall said...

I find it interesting that a conservative think tank would take a screen shot from the the Big Lebowski, and apply a meme to it.

By the way CharlieE is right, what is the point here?

Anonymous said...

So uh yes? Is the answer yes? Is Sam trying to larn RWD & connect him to reality? If so, good luck with that!

CharlieE said...


Obama doesn't have to run again; it's an article of faith on the Right that Obama is simply going to claim a third term and not leave office in January.

Anonymous said...

Sure. Name one.

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