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date:10 April 2016 at 16:00
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CharlieE said...

Good point, because Hillary Clinton is unique among all politicians in that she lies.

Got it.

gruaud said...

Sure, Hill is a big fibber.

Now how do you reconcile your side treating the truth like it was radioactive, RWD? The most recent example of a Republican telling the truth was when House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy admitted that Benghazi was just political kabuki.

ferschitz said...

It's an amusing shot, and I agree with it. But like CharlieE sez: so what? RWD is lied to constantly 24/7/365 by Hate Radio, Fox, "Christian" Broadcast networks, politicians, blah blah blah.

At least I get it that Hillary - and frankly, all politicians - lie. I don't live in RWD's fantasy political world where all of "his" politicians are totally honest all the time. Just ask Denny Hastart about how he never lies.

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