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Date: Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 5:58 PM
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Subject: Fwd: New Dos Equis Spokesman


Anonymous said...

I don't always steal memes to advance my dumb political points, but when I do, I make them lame and irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

I should also note that a little introspection (which is far more than we can expect from a typical RWD) reveals an interesting counterpoint hidden in this very meme.

Dos Equis is owned by Heineken, a Dutch company and the 3rd largest brewer in the world at present. According to RWD logic, Heineken should not be able to exist, as the Netherlands has not only higher tax rates than the US but a universal health care system that is essentially a stronger version of Obamacare. These "job killing" features should have shuttered Heineken long ago. Yet it remains active and profitable, despite all the beer/money allegedly "stolen" from it by socialism.

CharlieE said...

I think the suggestion here is that Bernie Sanders, who supports providing more government services to the public, somehow believes that these services are free.

Democrats (and Bernie Sanders) believe that government services should be funded via taxation.

It's Republicans that believe that taxes should be zero and everything from the government should be free.

ferschitz said...

Both comments shed light where I haz a confused. Thanks. It seems pretty dumb and obscure to me. I cannot imagine how RWD would "get" something from this other than: hur hur hur Sanders drinks Dos Equis!!!!!111!!! But it "belongs" to someone else!!!111!!!


I agree with CharlieE. Republicans don't want to pay any taxes ever under any circumstances, but magically, everything is supposed to work just fine. But if there's any problems, just blame it all on the darkies. But since RWD wants all the darkies to magically disappear, it does beg the question: who ya gonna blame all the tragic ills in your pathetic life on, if the darkies are gone?

Logic? Too hard for RWD.

Agent86 said...

I love it when conservatives use Jonathan Goldsmith memes for political jokes since Goldsmith stumped for Obama. Bwahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hey, conservaderps. Bernie can actually help your sorry asses.

Hooray4US said...

Yeah, Bernie can help save RWD from himself, but Sanders doesn't reflexively hate the lazy blahs, the rape-y Mexicans, the wrong bathroom tranies, the ruin-my-perfect-hetero-marriage gays, the Sharia Mooselins, and the disgusting 'bortion wimmin. Ergo, hate on Sanders! That'll show him!!

Far be it from RWD to vote for someone who might help him, when he can vote for someone who tells him it's great to be an out loud and proud bigoted racist homophobic sexist pig. Oink Oink.

Anonymous said...

Is RWD dissing Sanders bc he's drinking Mexican beer? As a prior Anon helpfully points out, it's owned by Heineken, but I doubt this nuance is evident to RWD.

So don't vote for Sanders because he drinks what Mexicans drink?

Another useful voting tip from the gang who voted for W Bush because he'd be great to have a beer with... except not dirty Mexican beer. Only red-blooded Murkin beer!

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