Fw: : Trumps Silver Lining

From: Don Russell
Sent: Monday, April 04, 2016 21:49
Subject: Fw: : Trumps Silver Lining

Just saying.....food for thought

Trumps Silver Lining

 *Trump's special qualifications for being president*


Lets check out Trump's presidential qualifications

* Obama is against Trump
* The Media is against Trump
* The establishment Democrats are against Trump
* The establishment Republicans are against Trump
* The Pope is against Trump
* The UN is against Trump
* The EU is against Trump
* China is against Trump
* Mexico is against Trump
* Soros is against Trump
* Black Lives Matter is against Trump
* Koch Bro's are against Trump
* Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump

Bonus points

* Cher says she will leave the country
* Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country
* Whoopi says she will leave the country
* Rosie says she will leave the country
* Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
* Gov. Brown says California will build a wall

Sounds like the kinda president the US needs!!! Go Trump!


Anonymous said...

Hateful, racist, violent Liberals


gruaud said...

While I think that conservatives, by their very nature, are inherently unfunny, that may be the funniest line ever written by Rightwing Dad.

CharlieE said...

Yes, I'm sure that electing someone that everyone hates will be good for the country.

Of course, if everyone hates Trump, it's going to be difficult for him to get elected.

ferschitz said...

The Media is against Trump

Yeah, right. To the tune of, what?, like (literally) a Billion$ in essentially free advertising?? More attention than all the other candidates from either party combined? Yeah, the media is just so "against" Trump that it's amazing.

Bernie Sanders is really commiserating w/Trump on what it's like for both of them to have a media black out. Oh wait...

Hooray4US said...

If this is written as snark, then it's sort of amusing. Sadly, it's likely that RWD really believes this to the bottom of his nasty embittered heart.

Great going, GOP, for encouraging your base of dittoheads to reflexively hate and be unwilling to work with just about anyone.

CharlieE said...

It's been estimated that the media has essentially given Trump some $2.2 billion worth of free airtime.

They should hate me so much. Bring it on.

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