FW: War On Rush!

Subject: FW: War On Rush!

Subject: War On Rush!


Anonymous said...

Give. me. a. fucking. break.

Hey wingnuts: Rush has ever right to free speech. Key word being FREE.

What he doesn't have a right to is PAID speech. When you say something stupid and hateful, people have every right to say "that guy's an asshole, I refuse to support him".

That's how the free market that you claim to cherish so much works.

Thx 4 Fish said...

The right wing just looooves the constitution. They never said they understood it. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the cartoonist believes that NOW is part of the government. (Rightwingers believe some crazy stuff). But this is entirely disrespectful to women gun owners. How could they be 5 feet away from Rush and miss him so many times?

gruaud said...

Looks like Rush lost a little weight there.

Good for him.

Anonymous said...

Refresh my memory... when did congress make a law preventing Rush Limbaugh from saying stuff?

Marc with a C said...

Poor Rush...not only is he deaf now but he's blindfolded too? He must be so confused as to when the nice ladies are going to pull out the cat o nine tails and whipped cream.

ferschitz said...

Bully-in-Chief Rush Limbaugh who bellows out nastiness & lies constantly is here depicted as some sort of martyr who somehow doesn't "enjoy" free speech?

Like WTF?

1. This cartoon tells a Big FAT old lie by depicting El Lushbo as rather thin.

2. No one has "taken away" Rush Limpdick's right to free speech.

3. Bill Maher calls himself a "Liberatarian" and isn't particularly "liberal." So if the deliberately-made-to-look ugly "NOW" lady wants to watch Maher's show??? So? Whatever...

What a load.

Rush Limbaugh is a big FAT bully who's said nasty shitty lies for decades about women, minorities, so-called "liberals" and all the rest.

So Rush gets tapped on the wrist for his cruddy and totally indefensible loud mouthed shit, and righwingers depict him as being "shot"???

Please spare me. What a load.

Can't El Lushbo *defend* himself??

blaney said...

What? Rush is scared of the "FemiNazis"???? Wonder why. Chicken!!!! buck buck buck...

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