Fw: Where are Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Obama on this?

Subject: FW: Where are Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Obama on this?

Subject: Where are Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Obama on this?

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A week ago, in TulsaOklahoma, a black kid named Tyrone Woodfork severely beat an elderly couple, aMr. & Mrs. Strait, who had been married for 65 years.  Tyrone RAPED Mrs. Strait, and she died of injuries received at his hands. Mr. Strait served in the 101st Airborne during WWII. NO national media carried the story. Tyrone was arrested yesterday. I supposed that if Mr. Strait had shot  Tyrone, the whole country would know about the story. As it is, only Mrs. Strait died, so it's not of interest to Brian Williams and the rest of the main stream media media.

Think about it. After 65 years of marriage. After serving our country. After 90 years of life, Mr. Strait has lost his wife to a rapist/murderer. NO ONE in the national media gives a flip. They're interested in their wonderful hero, Trayvon Martin.
Man charged with murder in deadly home invasion (read below pic)
Tyrone Woodfork, arrested on murder complaint for beating death of 85-year-old Nancy Strait. Her husband, Bob Strait, 90, was also severely beaten. COURTESY

By JERRY WOFFORD World Staff Writer 
Published: 3/26/2012  4:53 PM
Last Modified: 3/26/2012  4:53 PM
A man accused of assaulting an elderly couple this month was formally charged Monday.
Tyrone Woodfork, 20, was charged in Tulsa County District Court with felony first-degree murder, two counts of robbery with a firearm and first-degree burglary.
Bob and Nancy Strait were assaulted March 14 in their home in the 3300 block of East Virgin StreetNancy Strait died March 15 from injuries related to the assault. She was also raped. Bob Strait is still recovering from multiple injuries and has been re-admitted to a hospital.
Woodfork was arrested March 15 after witnesses reported seeing the couple’s stolen 2001 Dodge Neon in the 3500 block ofEast Fourth Street. He remains in the Tulsa Jail without bond.


Anonymous said...

So the culprit was arrested within a day, held without bond, and is now facing trial for first-degree murder?

Sounds like how things are supposed to work, unlike the Martin case.

ferschitz said...

So, what? Now the RWFs are going to regale us constantly with cases where a N****r beat up and/or killed a white person?? And get photos that make the N****r look especially disgusting?

Nifty. Southern Strategy on steriods because it works with the mouth breathers to gin up their tribal racism.

What about all the articles about AA males being stopped & harrassed by the Police so much more than whites... for no reason bc they were doing nothing wrong other than being out in public whilst being, you know, blackity black black.

Load of bigoted crap, per usual. And does NADA to make a "case" for either what Zimmerman did and/or for the lousy mis-handling of the case by the local FL PD. Spare me the ersatz racist hand-wringing.

Thx 4 Fish said...

The Trayvon Martin case is about police inaction, racial stereotyping, vigilantism and gun laws that make it easy to get away with murder. As horrible as the Tulsa story is, it has nothing in common with the Trayvon case- unless the only thing that matters to you is the race of the parties involved.

Hooray4US said...

Geez, Fish?? Facts?

Facts are for pussy libruls, doncha know?

Manly conservatives are all about racial stereotypes, racial profiling and feeling insanely victimized at every turn.

Get with the program, "hombre."

gruaud said...

That is one of the saddest stories I've read.

Ok, so what do you want from Obama on this? The Trayvon Martin case took on national importance and he was asked about it. Do you seriously expect him to comment on every case?

Do you want to talk about black on white crime? Do you have ideas how to fix that?

How about black on black crime? Do you see that as a problem, too? Do you understand why it is a national epidemic? Do you even care?

Anonymous said...

Nice how this RWF pimps out this story in order to gin up racist hatred while giving the false impression of being oh-so-concerned about this elderly couple. Not to mention pimping the fact that Mr. Strait is a WWII vet.

No place too low for such vermin, like those pushing out these RWFs, to sink.

FLSqueezed said...

Okay... The RWNJ's do have a point about these horrific stories not making into the mainstream media... But there are two reasons for this editorial phenomenon:
1) It's depressing as f*ck.
2) You can't publish a story like this without ginning up more racism and getting them all riled up to form a lynch mob. Just look at the vile hatred they spew when someone refuses to eat a chick-fil-a sandwich... Then imagine what a story like this does to them.

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