Fw: New addition in Charlotte

New addition in Charlotte New addition in Charlotte
For those of you who are not aware of it, Charlotte is the host of the Democratic National Convention.

Proposed new Charlotte stadium with retractable roof.

Just in time for the Democratic National Convention and Obama's opening speech.


Anonymous said...


ferschitz said...

Well since Barry Zero chose to hold the Dim Convention in an anti-union, right-to-work state... I'm kind of in agreement with this. Add to that the fact that the Dim Convention is being held in - wait for it - the Bank of America Stadium... Well I, for one, DO see that venue as pretty much of a toilet bowl. As in: here's one place where USA tax dollars were flushed down the toilet and right smack into the pockets of the 1%er Banksters, who currently run the country.

As some know, I'm no fan of Barack Obama or the present putatively named "Democratic" Party, as I feel that they're all in thrall to the 1% and are not serving the needs of the 99%. Not that the so-called "Republicans" are any better (and in fact, may be a teensy tinsy bit worse).

Of course, the purpose of this RWF photoshop is simply to incite hatred and bigotry amongst some conservatives and continue pitting them haplessly against others in the 99%.

Believe me, the CEO of Bank of America laughs all the way to his many and numerous off-shore accounts (you don't think Brian Moynihan "saves" his filthy lucre in BoA, do you??) when conservatives buy into this type of trivializing racist hokum, which distracts such conservatives from whom their real "enemy" (if you will) is: the 1%.

The laugh's on you.

Anonymous said...

Needs the photoshop tag. Pretty sure that's some kind of European soccer stadium.

gruaud said...

I think Charlotte should totally build that.

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