Fw: Justice for Trayvon?

Subject: Justice for Trayvon?

‘Justice for Trayvon’: 15 Whites Beaten By Gangs of Black Thugs… So Far

The assaults on a pair of Virginian-Pilot reporters in Norfolk, Va., two weeks ago at the hands of 30 black youths,reported for the first time Tuesday, are the latest in a series of attacks driven by a warped sense of racial vigilantism hiding behind calls of “Justice for Trayvon.” At least 15 whites have been beaten not just with fists, but with potentially deadly weapons including hammers and lengths of chain. Many of the victims have been hospitalized, some may never fully recover, and one lingers on the verge of death.

David Forster and Marjon Rostami are just the latest victims of brutal beatings tied to the Trayvon Martin shooting, and some Virginians are outraged that the newspaper did not report the attack for “politically correct reasons.” The attack was revealed not as news, but in an opinion piece.

Trayvon Martin was a black teenager shot and killed by an off-duty neighborhood watch volunteer in February in a Sanford, Fla., gated community. It wasn’t until the Martin family’s attorney engaged a public relations firm and claims began circulating that charges weren’t brought because Martin was black and his killer was white that the case gained national attention. Race-baiting community activists, misleading news reports, and grandstanding politicians ignited deep-seated racial animosities which have now inspired violence. The fact that the shooter, George Zimmerman, self-identifies as Hispanic and is 1/8th black seems utterly irrelevant. He’s merely the excuse for a long list of violent crimes perpetrated against whites in recent weeks by a criminal under-class suddenly roused to violence.

Aaron Parsons is being held on $1 million bail in Baltimore for thevideotaped assault and robbery of a tourist on Saint Patrick’s Day. The man who videotaped the beating and posted it online claimed “me an[sic] my boys helped get justice fore[sic] trayvon.” Three co-conspirators to the beating and robbery are still wanted by police.

On March 24-25, a string of attacks in Grand Rapids, Mich., by mobs of black youths injured seven whites in separate incidents. Five of the injured filed police reports. Examiner reporter Kyle Rogers interviewed one of the victims, Jacob Palasek, who had been beaten with a chain. Palasek stated that police investigators feel that all the attacks were related to the Trayvon Martin story. Local news media stand accused of burying the story to keep racial tensions from rising to a boiling point.

A day later, two black men savagely beat a 50-year-old man in a hammer attack in Sanford, Fla., just miles from where Trayvon Martin was shot. The attack is thought to be racially motivated, and the victim, Mark Slavin, has been in critical condition since the attack. He has multiple skull fractures and has developed respiratory problems. His prognosis is grim.

Seventy-eight-year-old Dallas Watts claims he was the victim of an April 3 assault in East Toledo, Ohio, in which a multiracial group of six youths (five black and one white) are alleged to have shouted, “This is for Trayvon. Kill that white.” Police officials have since attempted to claim Watts “exaggerated” the event, though they still admit an assault and robbery occurred and that Trayvon Martin was mentioned during the assault.

On April 9 in Gainesville, Fla., 5-8 black men jumped out of a car and screamed “Trayvon” before severely beating a white 27-year-old man walking home alone. The attackers had selected their target at random. The victim is coping with substantial injuries, including probable “permanent disfigurement to the left side of his face.”

Just two days later, in the same city, a white man that chased down a black purse snatcher had his handsstomped by a black crowd shouting “Trayvon.” They allowed the criminal to escape.

On April 17 in Chicago, two black teens assaulted and robbed their white 19-year-old victim in an attack they admit was driven by race hate. Alton Hayes III stated that his sole motive was “anger over the death of Trayvon Martin” and that he chose his victim because of his race. He faces attempted robbery, aggravated battery, and hate-crime charges. His partner in the assault has been referred to the juvenile court system.

In just two months, there were at least 14 known assaults — some clearly attempted murder — perpetrated by black mobs against 15 white victims that have been tied to a widely shared desire to avenge the death of Trayvon Martin.

This list of brutality does not include the highly publicized beating of Matthew Owens in Alabama that may have been the result of a long-running neighborhood feud, nor does it include the shooting of an unoccupied Sanford, Fla., police car at the height of racial tensions before George Zimmerman was arrested. It also does not include alleged vandalism and threats that have been issued, such as the death threats in Wisconsin plastered on neighborhood mailboxes and a sticker featuring a picture of Trayvon Martin and the word “Revenge,” as well as another that said “Kill Whitey.”

The fact that Martin’s admitted shooter, George Zimmerman, is multi-racial indicates the attacks are merely an excuse to resurrect deeply buried grudges and act out on them with violence.
The media that doctored evidence to give the incident a racist spin, the politicians that echoed it when they saw a political advantage in parroting disinformation, and the racial grievance industry that fanned the flames of racial discord have downplayed the incidents of violence they nurtured.

This is far from over, and the worst of the deep-seated, irrational hatred, blame-shifting, and violent sentiments resemble nothing less than the psychosis that undermines the Palestinian cause and keeps them from ever rising above poverty and out of hate. America has balkanized fiercely thanks to a disreputable media and dishonorable “leaders,” and a Pandora’s box has cracked open as a result.

The vitriol towards George Zimmerman and the call for riots if the courts don’t rule the mob’s way are heavily documented on social media sites like Twitter. Threads for #Trayvon, #TrayvonMartin, #Justice4Trayvon, and #Zimmerman reveal a raw and untouched desire for violent retribution and the most brutal lynching fantasies directed at Zimmerman, sprinkled with naked hatred of other races.

These documented assaults that have made national media are not likely to be the only violent hate crimes spurred on by events and perceptions surrounding the shooting of Trayvon Martin, and the case hasn’t even made it to trial. The same malevolent media, race hustlers, and political opportunists that have sowed discord now face a cultural disaster of their own making. If they cannot find a way to rein in the violence they’ve instigated, the integrated, color-blind society that so many of us had hoped was just on the horizon may be set back decades once again.


Anonymous said...

So according to this:

ANY crime against a white person (even one committed by a white person!) is somehow "revenge" for Trayvon. By this logic, is any crime committed against a black person count as "revenge" for Zimmerman?

Anonymous said...

"So according to this:

ANY crime against a white person (even one committed by a white person!) is somehow "revenge" for Trayvon. By this logic, is any crime committed against a black person count as "revenge" for Zimmerman?"

Don't ya just hate it when you post something that makes everyone realize that you didn't read the article?

gruaud said...

It's unfortunate and reprehensible, but you reap what you sow. Time and again, we see racial hatred against blacks in these e-mail forwards. That there is knee-jerk hatred and violence in response is not really surprising.

I'm not justifying the violence. I'm just saying if you on your side can actually get over your own incessant, malignant bigotry, things will slowly get better. I mean, Hell: you run presidential campaigns on racial divide. If you could just stop doing that.

Then you can preach to me about your integrated, color-blind society. A society that you 'hope' for, and meanwhile piss on on a regular basis.

Prove me wrong, for once.

ferschitz said...

The same malevolent media, race hustlers, and political opportunists that have sowed discord now face a cultural disaster of their own making.

I'm in total agreement with this statement, but I doubt that the cynical manipulators in the rightwing think tank who sent this out meant in the way that I see it.

I'm with gruaud on this one. I deplore the reactionary violence as exhibited by these AA's in attacking whomever - whether white or not - in the name of retribution for Trayvon. It's not right; it shouldn't happen.

That said, our present-day media is mostly rightwing-dominated and filled with hatred and bigotry 24/7/365 as is evidenced by merely *glancing* through the latest 20 or so entries in this blog site. H8te radio is dominated by blowhards, like Rush Limbaugh, who use racism, bigotry and sexism to gin up their dittoheaded minions & keep their listeners (mostly white) in a constant state of simmering outrage, victimization & fear fear fear, anger, anger, anger. It's well-known that people who are angry and fearful are more easily manipulated.

The Southern Strategy is well known by now; has been implemented very effectively since the time of Nixon; and lately has developed to the point where I'm pretty much embarressed to be an American bc of the nasty diatribing hateful bigoted sexist way that is *celebrated* and *encouraged* in our corporatist rightwing media.

The Southern Strategy is basically about using abject racism to divide the populace & distract them so that the 1% can manipulate the system to meet their goals of ever enriching themselves at the expense of middle and working class taxpayers. So far, it's been wildly successful as far as the 1% is concerned.

Of course, the 1% & the manipulators who gin up all the race hatred in this nation fully expect some kind of backlash from those who have been subjected to bigotry, racism, sexism. That's fine! Suits them to a "T."

Then when there is backlash, such as the incidents described here, why fantastic! Just pump out a brief overview of what happened, painting a picture to make the AA's look as horrid as possible, and then send it forth to the Pavlov's dogs on the right, who can be relied on to get themselves in a lather about how "terrible" it is that these "N"-words behave this way. Why the very idea! Why would they do such a thing???

I mean? Seriously? Like gimme a break. Of course, there will be some backlash in instances of gross inequity. Some will respond more appropriately, but there will always be some who will behave inappropriately.

If you conservatives actually for real wanted a truly "color blind" society, then start acting like it and treat *everyone* equally. And stop freaking out & victimizing your pathetic white asses at the drop of frickin' hat. Do a little homework once in a while, too, rather than knee-jerk reacting to everything some race-baiter says or writes to you.


Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH!!! 95% of black youth murders are commited by other blacks.

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH!!! 95% of black youth murders are commited by other blacks.

And? What's your point? Does that excuse what Zimmerman did? Do you think that somehow we don't think that those murders are worthy of prosecution? Or are you just being a racist shithead for the hell of it?

Anonymous said...

No, the 5% are being set as a scapegoat for what the other 95% have done.

gruauad said...

"No, the 5% are being set as a scapegoat for what the other 95% have done."


You seriously believe that the 5%, who have gamed the system all one way, are a fucking SCAPEGOAT for the 95% people who are being fired, laid-off, or exploited? Hey, I work for a company that exploits the HELL out of me. I'm glad I have a job.

What is this, Dungeons and Dragons? You think
sucking the 5% aristocracy's dick is going to save you? They HATE YOU.

Epic fail, as always.

Anonymous said...

Typical change the the subject as always. Blacks kill blacks more than whites. Why do you focus on one incedent and blame all whites for all the killing. BUTTHOLE Gruard. Wine swill fascist!

Anonymous said...

Why do you focus on one incedent and blame all whites for all the killing.

Typical persecution complex from a wingnut.

Asking that justice always be done is not the same as blaming one group or another for ALL crime.

We want justice for Trayvon and his family, just like we want justice for all victims of crime, including those named above.

gruaud said...

"Wine swill fascist" actually made me laugh. Jesus, I think somebody was swilling.

Hey, nimrod: I already commented about black-on-black crime. Read before you post and you might look less foolish.

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