Fw: Gas prices are rising - even higher now!

prices are rising - even higher now!

Subject: Gas prices are rising - even higher now!


gruaud said...

Hey there, conservative voters!

You do realize that gas prices are the result of speculators and those same speculators constantly raise or lower gas prices before an election in order to tilt it their way?

Don't believe me? Of course not.

So paste this.


You want to solve the issue? The Commodity Futures Trading Commission needs to put the brakes on oil speculators. That's a quick fix that will NEVER happen, because the oil lobby is too powerful now.

It won't be any different under anyone elected president from the Republican clown car.

Anonymous said...

God dammit! I'm sick of this stupid fucking talking point!

We were in the very depths of a recession, you willfully ignorant assholes. Gas was high all through 2008, and then when everything went to shit worldwide demand plunged for a very brief moment. Now that the economies of the world are pulling themselves together gas prices are back at a natural level.

The trade off for gas being less than $2 a gallon is for millions of people to be out of work. Sound like a good deal to you, wingnuts? Should we trade a few million jobs for a couple of bucks at the pump?

Ken said...


ferschitz said...

Teh stoopit: it burnz.

Load of rubbish, but hey: feel all great about how Obama's the root of all eeeevul.

Don't worry, losers. The 1% are making sure that Obama will get his second term in 2012 (not that I'm all that thrilled with it). Don't think so? Just ask yourselves why such a giant bunch of idiotic douchebags are "running" in the Kabuki Show called "Republican Primary"???

Because Obama's the greatest thing for the 1%; they hired him; they'll keep him on board.

That said, it won't matter squat who's the Pres in terms of the cost of gas at the pumps. Team USA is pumping out more crude than ever, but we're *selling* YOUR oil & MY oil to places like China & India.... speculators have artificially driven up the price of gas at the pump, and it has fuck all to do with who's sitting in the Oval Office.

But hooray for conservatives who've been reliably FOOLED into focusing their childish tantrums on Obama, rather than Wall St.

Good job at not seeing what's really going on. Idiots.

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