Fwd: Gotta Love OUR Media

Subject: Fwd: Gotta Love OUR Media

Proof that a Media picture is not enough for a verdict...


Anonymous said...

Hey just a reminder that the bottom right picture is of a different Trayvon Martin and was spread on the internet by Stormfront, a literal Neo-Nazi website, and that's why it has been ignored by the media.

Anonymous said...

Why am I being shown that? Because the picture on the lower left is a DIFFERENT boy named Trayvon Martin. Thank you for that, Michelle Malkin.

And even if that really was the right boy... so what? OMG, he flipped the bird, so he deserves to get gunned down by a vigilante! Are you people serious? Does this mean that George W Bush deserves to be assassinated because he once flipped off a new camera?

As for putting Zimmerman in a suit: again, so what? Plenty of criminals wear suits every day, and wearing one doesn't make him automatically innocent. Its not clothes that make the perp.

ferschitz said...

The media DID start to show the fake "gansta N-word" poster, but then it was proven that this FAKE was pushed forward by racists and neo-Nazi's.

I was just counting the minutes until it *predictably* showed up here in RWF AS IF it was accurate.

DULY NOTED: typical rightwing lying smear campaign, whilst also typical rightwing *victimizing.*

DULY NOTED: a young AA male was shot by someone, and white rightwingers cannot wait to smear the dead AA male, making a *judgement* while not really knowing the facts.

DULY NOTED: conservatives behaving like the lying racists that THEY ARE.

Too bad you did not disappoint me this time, conservatives. You're predictability is showing you up for who you really are: nasty, lying scum racists.

ferschitz said...

P.S. I believe that the FAKE Trayvon Martin poster has already shown up here in RWF as some kind of smear against Barack Obama.

So not only are conservatives lying victimizing bigoted racists, but they conveniently "forget" bullshit that's already been hyped out there by rightwing think tanks.

The only kind of "recycling" that conservatives truly believe in: recycling racist smears. well done, scumbags!

gruaud said...


They will do anything to justify their racism.

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